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This is What Happens when A Corrupt Mayor gets voted OUT, then Becomes Prime Minister.


Prime Minister Isa Mustafa of the LDK party, was voted out as Mayor of Prishtina, when the citizens of Prishtina, were sick and tired of the corruption and nepotism of the man. His legacy is seen all over Prishtina which is full of dangerous illegal buildings. Then just like the mystery of how the President was chosen, Isa Mustafa becomes Prime Minister without the votes of the people.

Shpend Ahmeti became the new Mayor on behalf of Vetëvendosje Party and has been doing a good job ever since, cleaning up the mess left by Mustafa. He sold the government cars and started to destroy the illegal buildings. Against all odds Vetëvendosje are the only party that is fighting against corruption and nepotism, which is rife not only in politics, but all over the country and no place more that in the Federal Government itself. We have seen in the past few days that Isa Mustafa has given the contract of servicing the Federal Government cars to his own son’s company.

Isa Mustafa has control of the police and yesterday the Vetëvendosje staff were being harassed by the police as they left work. A statement from Vetëvendosje said yesterday:

Kosovo police started to stop and examine in detail each car that is emerging from the offices of VETËVENDOSJE !. Explanation of the police is “yes check if there are slogans”! So the eventual transfer of slogans committed a crime in Kosovo Too!

Among the cars that was stopped and thoroughly examined is that of the President of the Movement, Mr. Visar Ymer since he came from the office of the Movement.

As damaging compromises with Serbia, the government is becoming more repressive to citizens.We urge once again the Kosovo Police and the responsible institutions not to further strain the situation and not to provoke VETËVENDOSJE! and its activists.

August 26, 2015




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