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Self !: Here’s how to hit at the heart of Kosovo from “zajednica” (photo & video)


 Sheriff Donika

Vetevendosje activists! They have conducted Thursday a symbolic action in front of the entrance of the building of the Government of Kosovo, where improvised a wall on which appear the map of Kosovo, the wall that that was shattered by a kind of sphere with the inscription “Zajednica”, who threw an activist masquerading portrait of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, assisted aside from two other people who wore the guise of Kosovo’s prime minister, Mustafa and his deputy, Hashim Thaci.

Lobbyist VETËVENDOSJE Valdrin Ahmeti said that this action shows what will happen to Kosovo if allowed the realization of “zajendices”, while adding that this movement is interested in such a thing not happen.He warned other symbolic actions against “zajednicës”, then protests and demonstrations.

“A scandalous text of the agreement which was signed by Mustafa, means that zajednica will be more powerful than the Government. This Zajednice will not only include northern Kosovo but Kosovo Serb majority municipalities in all parts of Kosovo.Powers of zajdenicës in the police, judiciary, education, health and budget, as well as control over Lake Ujmani, Trepca mines, Kisnica, Artana, Bath Klokot and Brezovica will make zajednica disable economic and social development and at the same time the defunksionalizojë political and institutional life in Kosovo, “hesaid.


According to Ahmeti, this agreement signed, destruction and defunctionalization of Kosovo remains at successor as he said, Seselj in politics, so Vučić, aided by Thaci and Mustafa.

“Mustafa and Hashim Thaci testified that they are ready to destroy defunksionalizojnë Kosovo. Ours citizens to mobilize and commit to stop zajdenicën and defunksionalizojmë work of this government in order to save Kosovo “, he further said.

Asked if the government would happen if Mustafa same wall map of Kosovo, Ahmeti said he does not know yet and that this will show in the meantime.

We remind that this is not the first action that activists of Vetevendosje! They organized in violation of the Association of Serb Municipalities, since the first day they painted graffiti on the walls of the government saying “boys tenders, zajednicën Serbia”, to be launched then to the home of Prime Minister Mustafa Prapashtica.

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