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Macedonian Albanians in Macedonia require Association Serbs in Kosovo

Macedonian Albanians in Macedonia require Association Serbs in KosovoGAZETAEXPRESSThursday, 27 August 2015 12:57

Unity Movement accepted with reservations in Brussels news signing of the Agreement on the Establishment of the Association of Serb Municipalities in Kosovo, assessing that this agreement is detrimental to all citizens of Kosovo, but also for the Balkans

“While respecting the maximum rights and freedoms, individual and collective of all communities in Kosovo and beyond, we believe that the establishment of Associations of these represents an ethno-territorial disputes community that are harmful to the citizens of Kosovo regardless.

The formation of communities such specific territorial communities in numbers modest in the territory of a sovereign state, can lead to similar requests from other communities in the region, which have a potency demographic incomparably greater than the Serb community in Kosovo ” reads the response of Unity Movement, reports ina.

In terms of territorial and administrative organization of Kosovo, the Movement considers that the establishment of such a community leads to the precedent of creating a third level of government in the country, beyond those in the current existing local and central rafsha.

Also, power source in areas such as education, health, education, spatial planning and the existence of the Association as a separate entity in which another state sovereign as Serbia has the right to interfere with formats financing or other, leads the Republic of Kosovo to a previously unknown decentralization with significant elements of federalism.

Unity estimates that agreement is contrary to European trends for equal development of regions. Therefore, to apply models that lead to an equitable development, deepening regional economic cooperation and no means no divisions along ethnic lines.

“Movement Unity, informs the general public that will study continuously and seriously modalities of this Agreement and if the conditions and requirements, will study the forms and methods of implementation or its application in Macedonia, in the form of an association or union free Albanian municipal volunteer here, regardless of geographical continuity and their ethnic composition “, reads the press release.




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