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ISIS allegedly planning to poison the residents of Ferizaj


 A threat by members of ISIS-it has alerted all the institutions of Ferizaj, who’s now almost a month allegedly targeted to attack the city water supply, threatening the citizens of a mass poisoning.

Water company officials “bifurcation” in Ferizaj have shown Word newspaper on condition of anonymity, that are threatened during Ramadan can be poisoned drinking water.

“Soon came the police and are guarding water factory in the village Pleshinë the department in the city. They said that during Ramadan have to attack, “says the official, citing the threat comes from people that police authorities told them to be a terrorist group ISIS.

This was confirmed by workers who care for purification of water from four sources that supply more than 100 thousand inhabitants of this municipality. Even they have asked the company management with security organs to find ways to allow the transfer of weapons in the workplace.

“Even not find us empty-handed”, says one of them for the newspaper, but the director of the Water, Faton Frangu, has not taken such a step.He denies to be warned of a terrorist attack on the company that manages, and occasional police presence justifies as their common work in traffic.

“Police have been a first day because the road passes from Strpce department and searched cars as usual”, says Frangu.

Agim Gashi, information officer of the Kosovo Police in Ferizaj, says these measures are part of the overall operating plans, but denies having received a specific threat that will attack the water factory. According to him, as in the whole country in Ferizaj increased general security measures.

“As part of the operational plans is the addition of checks and visits to facilities of special importance”, stated Gashi.

One subject of particular importance as this factory where over 100 thousand inhabitants supplied with water. In a document that was made public by the media, law enforcement agencies already in Kosovo, raising alarm that the police must start with increased security measures, since according to their information, instead being planned terrorist attacks by members of ISIS. It requires security measures to increase the emphasis on artificial lakes near the water plant, having information, that they might be the target of terrorists.

Even on Saturday in the early morning hours the police arrested three suspected members of ISIS, near Lake Badovc, and two others later in the day, who allegedly were planning to attack the lake, with the intention of taking serious damage, that would reflect in the lives of hundreds of thousands of citizens.



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