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Turkish MP of the German Bundestag: terrorist UÇK

Turkish MP of the German Bundestag: terrorist UÇK'ja


German MEP of Turkish origin of the far-left party, Sevim Dağdelen, has released strong charges against Kosovo and the KLA’s in the German Bundestag session when discussing the extension for one year the mandate of German troops in KFOR, Rrokum.Tv reports.

It has opposed the sending of German troops abroad, to ‘the ba called on parliament to back Germany’s neutral and peaceful politics.

TV Rrokum teaches among others, has said Sevim Dağdelen German Bundesëehr’i has been for 16 years in Kosovo, according to her, no one else has achieved the objectives it has had. MP of Turkish origin has strongly attacked UÇK’n and its former leaders who now run the government of Kosovo, which, according to her, related to recent attacks “terrorist” in Macedonia and neighboring countries. Beyond this, German MP asked how the attempted bones under the eyes of the German Army and other NATO troops’s, Kosovo was ba among regions emerge from s’shumti me for ISIS Islamic extremists in Iraq and Syria.

Her speech, the applause ndëpremë of left MPs in the Bundestag, but also by the deputy nji objections, there proceed beyond the statements that Kosovo turned in one shelter bone vorfnore Europe. People there, – said the deputy of Turkish origin to ‘referred Kosovo – are deeply opposed korruptuem system.

But Dağdelen Sevim has also left immediately beyond this. Among nji opposition MP from the SPD, it has quoted the statement, which according to her has ba former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, SPD deputy njiherit, the bombing of Yugoslavia was illegal from the standpoint of international law.

In its official website , published the full speech of esktremit deputy of Turkish origin left, Sevim Dağdelen. She bone deputies left the party “Die Linke” , which has 64 seats in the Bundestag ‘un-German with 631 deputies.




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