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Montenegro invaded over 12 thousand hectares of land to Kosovo


  • 24 June 2015 – 15:42
  • Sanie Joseph

The demarcation of the border with Montenegro, has expressed concern to the citizens of Kosovo, especially the residents of trevës Rugova, whose lands are coming under discussion between Kosovo and Montenegro.

They even said that if Kosovo authorities accept the technical line of the border between Kosovo and Montenegro, which was presented by Montenegro, then the war will be shooting from an residents, as they say, affect more than 12 thousand Kosovo hectares of land, which lie mostly in the municipality of Peja, Istok and Decani.

Montenegrins, border demarcation seems to have come to an end, but as such it takes a good part of Kosovo territory in the municipality of Peja.

In a roundtable discussion on the topic “Demarcation Kosovo – Montenegro: Challenges, communication and transparency”, organized by QPZH, FES and the European College “Juridica”, on Wednesday, was disclosed numerous arguments which prove that limit how the They have been before and that Montenegro is trying to change, entering 12 kilometers inside Kosovo.

Rugova side residents have asked the deputies and other institutions of the State Commission member discharged for marking and maintaining the border, Murat Meha, because according to them it more protects the interests of Montenegro than Kosovo.

Sali Lukaj resident trevës Rugova said that if Murat Meha does not change, the Commission has nothing.

While Daut Morina, resident of Rugova, said the MPs to let them know that people are at war with the Montenegrin police.

Sir fought earlier, fought the last years. Montenegro burn us historically and we now forgive ground. We have no debt to anyone and we killed the Lord to do a thing. If this government agree with the government we are going to shooting from an in war. There we owe us, if the government owes let someone give behold its debt. People not entered in revenge to the ground. We are there every day and when they come to us have died with them. If you want to leave us with magistrates killed black page of the first and the last historically and for our future , “said Morina.

Ali Lajçi trevës representative of the residents of Rugova, presenting maps showing the division of Kosovo’s border with Montenegro, has accused the State Commission for marking and maintenance of the border with the state in question, that has deviation criteria.

 ” All state property, the property of user such as mountain character, then that property is property Taman certificates remain within Montenegro, a standard that is excessively exceeded. So state property is taken directly, set by Montenegro, to be a national border. Our committee also mean a slippage, he says it has received municipal cadastral base, of course, but these are not the municipal boundary but the state. State property such as the Lower Luka mountains, Strellci, Jubeniqit up to Sejnova are mountains that use our ancestors for centuries and there were there any members or Montenegrin user. Therefore these belong to us , “said Lajçi.

He said that the committee in question should be redesigned, as according to him, the committee approach is the exclusive interest of Montenegro.

Lajçi stressed that if Montenegro does not love this proposal then go on to use other mechanisms Arbitration possible, all international lines, as according to him, they are reasonable and the basic factor that limits can not move off the map.

Raxhep MP Selim, the Parliamentary Group of Vetevendosje! He said that the choice of this issue is very important and that it is not a matter that can be resolved today.

“It is about 7 thousand hectares in the Rugova, about 5 thousand 300 hectares in the Podgur therefore is not about a hill in a meadow. I believe that such an agreement will not be ratified by the Assembly of Kosovo, I hope so, I’m one of them, but not the only one, there are colleagues who will not accept, but it would be nice to not go there ” Rexhepi said.

Members of the State Commission for Border marking and maintenance of state, did not take the effort to listen to the demands of the residents of these areas. They invitation to participate in the discussion have responded with a “tip” of writing, nine pages, in which they shkrur debate has arisen over the demarcation of the border with Montenegro.

 ” The debate raised recently about the borders of Kosovo, which is set inaction on certain people is a topic that can not be done either daily politics nor patriotism can not be done, but this issue should be addressed publicly by professionals on the basis of relevant documents , “reads the information.

And for this information Selim MP said that it appears that this committee is a good lawyer that attitudes towards Kosovo Montenegro.

After several hours of discussion panel came up with the recommendation that if the parties have positions compatible and if not seen the successful completion of the demarcation line setting, we propose that this matter be transferred to the International Arbitrage.

Since the boundary line between Kosovo and Montenegro is working much earlier than the 1974 Constitution, the panel recommended that the Commission to comply with the relevant cartographic documents of the time.

Moreover, it is known that at the time border is not drawn by Albanian experts, is the military cartographic Specialized Center of former Yugoslavia. These topographic maps should be incorporated in the final decision of border demarcation between Kosovo and Montenegro to meet all the demands of both parties in the talks. Any intervention on the border between Kosovo – Montenegro in subsequent periods, without the presence of Kosovo working group seems to be unrecognized and insignificant, including a border line in 80 th (after the demonstrations of 1981) ” , it was recommended after discussion.






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