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Turkish newspapers: Albanians “dirty cattle”. Erdogan insulted the bust of Gjergj Kastriotit

Erdogan limitless tiraneOpposition newspaper Zaman has outraged reactions echoing Albanian politicians facing SSE request Erdogan yesterday. 

Zaman convey some socialist depuetetit statements Ben Blushi, as “Albania is not a colony of Turkey” and that “no president of a country can not ask another country such thing”.Blishi cited and other statements like “I have not seen the Gulen movement to kill any. Schools will close Erdogan in Albania have helped thousands of students “and that” Our father is not Erdogan, but Ismail Kemal “- he said.

Zaman also followed the statements of the former socialist Economy Minister Arben Malaj, who said that “the closure of schools in our country in exchange for Turkish investment is made to transfer the internal troubles of Turkey in our country. Turkish economic presence in Albania may be important, but for democracy would be harmful to be taken such steps. ”

Zaman quoted the journalist Mero Baze, who mentioned among others the expression “more than to be our partner eastern Turkey, should we be Turkey’s Western friends.”

Zaman also cited Albanian symbols embarrassing Erdogan’s presence.

largea_screen-shot-2015-05-14-at-8-35-41-pm11431672495 (1)Zaman wrote that during the joint press conference with his counterpart Bujar Nishani, who also attended the bust of the national hero Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg, who fought against the Ottoman Empire.

Zaman also close citing that during cast Photo by Prime Minister Edi Rama, comes out even one where Erdogan was seen passing near the portrait of Ismail Kemal Bey Vlora. /BotaSot.Info/





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