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Only 2 Companies have more that 50 Employees


During the first quarter of 2015 (TM1-2015) recorded a total of 2,582 enterprises, while in the previous quarter, TM4-2014 were 2,175 of them, which have been increasing compared to the previous quarter to 407 companies, of which we expressed in percentage 18.7 % more new companies in this quarter.

So has announced Statistical Agency of Kosovo (SAK), which has published the “Statistical Repertoire of Enterprises in Kosovo, TM1-2015”, on new businesses registered at the Agency for Business Registration in Kosovo (ABR).

According to the publication, compared to the same quarter last year, TM1-2014, there was a decline of 11.3% of new businesses.

Favorite economic activities during the quarter were trade with 784 new companies (30.4%); manufacturing with 276 (10.7%); agriculture, forestry and fisheries with 255 (9.9%); accommodation and food service activities by 253 (9.8%); construction with 237 (9.2%); Professional, scientific and technical with 144 (5.6%); transport and storage with 143 (5.5%); Other service activities 133 (5.2%); whereas, other activities take part in smaller scale.

Category of number of employees by 1-4 employees constitutes about 2.507 enterprises, or 97.1% of new enterprises; 5-9 category with 49 enterprise workers (1.9%); to 10-19 with 15 companies (0.6%); 9 enterprise 20-49 workers (0.3%); in the category of 50-249 are only 2 companies; while, in the other category (250+) there is no company registered in this quarter.

Regarding the geographical scope of new enterprises to the municipal level, as in every quarter prevails Pristina with 608 new companies (23.5%), Prizren with 193 companies (7.5%), Ferizaj with 190 companies (7.4%), Peja with 158 companies (6.1%), Mitrovica with 116 companies (4.5%), Gjilan with 112 companies (4.3%), and Gjakova with 110 companies (4.3%). While other municipalities have a smaller number of companies registered during the quarter.




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