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KOSID urged MPs to consider the petition for the increase of electricity


Kosovar Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development (KOSID) has called on members of the Assembly of Kosovo to examine the citizen petition against the increase of price of electricity.

Electricity price increase was made at the request of KEK and KEDS related to damage caused by the explosion at power plant “Kosova A”.Raising the price of electricity was twice within the past year from 4:57% and 18.5%.

KOSID estimates that the initiative petition is not a civil organization, but represents the will of 33 thousand citizens of Kosovo who have signed the petition. KOSID recalls that it is the responsibility of every MP, despite the political attitudes of the citizens to address the requirements listed in the petition.

If you do not happen examination of the petition during today’s session of the Assembly, the civil society will decide on next steps.

Puka cry from KOSID has said that failing to take concrete steps is an additional indicator that the institutions do not do anything in the public interest and there is a possibility of citizen pressure through protests and boycott of bills.

“If no petition is reviewed against the risen electricity, there is a possibility to appeal for a boycott of payment of electricity bills, nor civic demonstrations,” he said.

Puka petition stressed that require not only proceed in committees and to make recommendations for partial points, but the demands of the petition to be considered as a whole as they have been signed by 33 thousand citizens.

“In the event that the new tariff electricity is not taken into account the social and economic situation of the citizens of Kosovo to cope with the price of electricity. The decision has not been taken before March 31, 2014, when tariffs have expired, but after national elections by using institutional vacuum “, said Puka.

In the petition requested that ERO decision taken on 29 August 2014 to increase the electricity to be canceled because the reasoning used was exceptional situation created after the explosion at power plant Kosovo A.

To proceed with the discharge of the Board of ERO recalling that have failed to protect the public interest and the citizens of Kosovo.

Kosovo Assembly oblige the Government to bring the proposal to amend the Law on VAT, which will leave VAT for electricity bills.

Kosovo Assembly to cancel its decision and the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals for rentën of 3 euros per tonne of coal used.

The government is obliged to bring to the Assembly proposals for amending the Law on ERO, according to which it will be obliged ERO change the rules on pricing.

Rinora Gojan, from KOSID has said that the fact the 33 thousand signatures from citizens Assembly should keep in mind one such petition and to consider how it is presented not with partisan overtones.

“The petition was sent is not taken seriously by the Assembly of Kosovo and which is not reviewed as it is sent. If not considering the petition will be resentment, “ said Gojani.

Puka cry saying that the Kosovo Assembly has a legal obligation to consider the petition of 33 thousand citizens, on the contrary should be given responsibility why not do a thing.




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