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Hazardous Materials Leaking from Power Plant


A leak in the former premises of the Gasification, which are not used by the 80’s, has put on alert the country’s various institutions.

Officials of the Kosovo Energy Corporation said to have taken immediate steps to remedy the leak, according to them, was due to climate change and the aging of the pipes, reports KTV.

Director of Corporate Services, Edmond Nulleshi, said that KEK has requested the assistance of all institutions for removal of residual hazardous materials, but until now there has been no movement.

The only hope are the European Union funds for decommissioning the power plant “Kosova A”.

However, these findings do not agree Director of Environment of the Municipality of Obilic, Arben Berisha.

Even the latter has accused management of KEK for irresponsibility in managing the situation, according to him, has endangered the residents, but also the workers who repaired the situation without protective equipment, Koha.net broadcasts.

The place where there was leak, Tuesday visited the inspectors of the Ministry of Environment, which is expected to come up with a conclusion whether there is a risk or not, to  this stream.




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