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Once Again Corruption in the Tendering Proccess


KEK recognizes offenses in tender

Kosovo Energy Corporation has again admitted that he violated procurement law when assessing the bids in a tender that weighs about 200 thousand euros.

Some articles of the Law on Public Procurement KEK has violated the tender for “assembling and dismantling of key regulatory valves for boiler water supply for B1, A3”, writes Koha Ditore.

The findings of legal violations of the review conducted by the expert appointed by the Procurement Review Body to examine the complaint of the company “B & D Engineering”, which had complained against the contract award notice issued by KEK.

And in the contract award notice, published on the website of Procurement Regulatory Commission, KEK has recommended that the contract to provide the Company “ATM Engineering”.

The value of the planned contract to be signed was 158 thousand 943 euro, which had offered the company “ATM Engineering”, followed koha.net. However, in the same notice it is written that the greatest value of the bid has been EUR 100 thousand higher, or 262 thousand euros.The newspaper has learned that the applicant company’s bid is significantly higher than what KEK recommended for contract.




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