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Turkish owned KEDS Continue to Steal from it’s Kosovo Customers




There is no continuity with the electricity in Kosovo. Not everyone is paying the same amount for the electricity as they should. KEDS blame it on what type of meter you have, but that shouldn’t make any difference as you pay for what you use. They tell you that the old metres will cost you more in electricity than the new ones, but as consumers have found out to their cost that this is not the case and their electricity bill rises with the new meters.

SAM_2106My electricity has gone up over 400% in the past two months, with the meter reader giving the excuse that the meter is broken. Electricity in Kosovo  costing more than it is in the UK, with the poorest in Europe paying more than one of the richest countries.

Friends in 5 bedroom houses and 3 electric fires are paying far less than I am. I checked to find out if I have an appliance which is consuming this extra electricity, only to find that with every switched off the meter is still spinning fast. So who is stealing my electricity? KEDS say the meter is faulty, but that is not good enough.

The KEDS website which has a link to complain, conveniently does not work.

The situation has now got so bad that the police have protect KEDS from its own customers.

Why are the people of Kosovo paying a high cost of electricity, to subsidise a failing airport who are also owned my the Limak group and have not paid their own electricity bill.

Police Defending KEDS from protestors

Police Defending KEDS from protestors




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