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Police Arrest the Man who is Cleaning up the Criminal Activities left by Isa Mustafa.

Liburn_AliuPolice are silent when it comes to urban crime and corruption, but have arrested the Director who is fighting this crime.

Kosovo police have arrested tonight Director of Urbanism, Construction and Environmental Protection in the Municipality of Prishtina, Liburn Aliu, in a case for which he was charged today.

This act, proves once again the Kosovo Police instrumentation for daily political interests of the ruling parties, which thus arrest the man who is fighting urban crime in the municipality of Prishtina, which had endured criminal activity, over 15 years of leadership LDK this municipality, under the direction of Isa Mustafa, who was the Mayor of Prishtina and now Prime Minister of Kosovo.

The police come under the direction of the Federal Government of which Mustafa directs. Prishtina shows the scars of illegal buildings, corruption and nepotism under Mustafa and now the police have arrested the man who has the job of repairing the damage.

This is what happens when there are criminals running the country. Arresting anyone who fights corruption and protecting criminals.

Moreover, the arrest of Ali Liburn Director protects provocateurs who for their own narrow interests of personal and party, want to urban crime continue further in the Municipality of Prishtina.

The Mayor of Prishtina has made the following statement tonight:

Reaction of the Municipality of Prishtina about the arrest of the Director Liburn Aliu.

Since the beginning of governance VETËVENDOSJE! in Pristina, Liburn Aliu as Director of Urbanism and dretjues in Pristina team are faced with fighting chaos construction and various interest groups that have caused staggering capital of our Republic.

During this period Liburn and other directors are faced with interest groups, individuals closely associated with crime, threat and to direct confrontation with the inherited structures in the Municipality of 14 years governance that led to this state of urban planning in Pristina.

From our side are reported dozens of cases criminals are launching dozens of disciplinary cases to Suspensions and revocations of permits given out every legal norm. However, the state prosecutor has not issued even move easier for offenders in the Municipality of Prishtina.

Liburni has become an obstacle to criminal groups. He was attacked in all ways with the attempt to launch a case against him. The Assembly is slandered in all ways against the Director of Urbanism. Such attacks culminated today on charges of Muhammad Selmanaj asambleist PDK which provoked three consecutive meetings on all sides to initiate any incident.

Unfortunately, director Aliu today was involved in an incident that came as a result of the tense situation in the Assembly Hall and smear Selmanaj. For the Municipality of Prishtina regrets.

But while everyone expected that the case will be explained to the police and the public security organs, Liburn Aliu was arrested by police on the orders of the Prosecutor for allegedly threatening and bodily injury.

In Liburnia restaurant where the incident had many witnesses and Asambleisti Selmanaj PDK came about five times on television during the day and there were no injuries nor any other concern. However during the evening also had other prosecutors to secure an arrest and detainment liburni.

While Director Liburn Aliu was ready to respond to the actions taken today, keeping in custody 48 hours is arbitrary, unnecessary and paprunueshme by the Prosecutor, which has not acted on hundreds of severe cases occurring in our municipality majority of the denounced by the Director Aliu.

However, such scenarios did not deter the government in Pristina from fighting crime, corruption, criminal groups for years have been destroyed and looted the city and citizens.

Municipality of Prishtina
Office of Public Relations



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