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Why President failed to National Anti-Corruption Council?

by Diana Bunjaku
Why President failed to National Anti-Corruption Council?

President Jahjaga has failed in the performance of the National Anti-Corruption Council. Thus the estimates prof. Riza Smaka cognitive constitutional issues.
He says to “The world today” than when he was elected President in conformity with Article 86 of the Constitution, had no little voices mainly by government representatives of political parties, that it could be discharged after with a period shorter than one year.
“Then I published in the media a critical analysis about the President’s five-year mandate in conformity with Article 87 paragraph 2 of the Constitution, but despite claims by the wishes of the representatives of those political parties which had initially coalition made ​​its choice, “says Smaka.

According to him, while President represented with dignity the Republic of Kosovo, in conformity with Article 84 paragraph 1 of the Constitution in external relations, on the one hand it has failed in the performance of the body that has turned against corruption.

“President Jahjaga has failed especially during the performance of conformity with Article 84, paragraph 17 of the Constitution specifically referred irrational delay the appointment of the State Prosecutor on the other side.

The President also on some constitutional issues – legal with the simple and clear has asked the Constitutional Court interpretations, as unnecessary even very often problematic, “says Smaka.
He says that even in this dimension president instead of stay on public institutions, in general, not rarely to them, has demonstrated considerable degree of inferiority, “says Smaka.

source in Albanian


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