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Serbia in panic from the merger of Albanians in one state!

by Diana Bunjaku

Serbia in panic from the merger of Albanians in one state!

National unity, duty and obligation! No Threat!

Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama has warned that Albania and Kosovo “will join in classic mode” if the European Union does not open the way to Kosovo’s European integration and visa liberalization.

Although long ago Mr. Rama spoke of joining Kosovo – Albania in Europe, forgetting so the Albanians in Greece, and Cham, he now has promised unification of all Albanians in the Balkans, although still not known, what the project concerned.

After the statements made in Ulcinj, he has his position strengthened in a television interview, threatening the European Union, if it does not remove the visa Kosovo and Kosovo’s integration accelerates, then Albania and Kosovo will join classically . Has given this statement echoed world news agency, Reuters.


(The full text can be read on Friday in the publication of printed national newspaper “The world today” in Kosovo and Diaspora)



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