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Rama: Shame on Europe, there are lifts on visas for Kosovo


It is a shame that in the middle of Europe having an area, which compared with the surface of Europe is too small, they live less than 2 million people, who are the only ones in the entire geographical area of Europe that must obtain a visa.  So said, Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, to Kosovo, in a joint interview with the Foreign Minister, Hashim Thaci, Zone B, which is transmitted these moments in Klan Kosova.

“It seems like an irony of history, because it is these people, when they were in a dictatorship, can move freely, and now they have their own state and that their exceptional contributions for Europe and for peace in the region, should expect obtain a visa, “said Rama.

He adds that even those movements that occurred recently in buses, it was not just people who were unemployed, had even people with very good salary, were an expression of an inner psychological frustration great of late instead of where it could come out, even to go out have to get a visa with a thousand excuses procedure.

“This is a great shame for Europe and shows once again that there is strategic Europe. We have only a tactical Europe looks at all things related to elections in 28 states, 28 political elections, 28 European elections, 28 local elections, which occur in 28 pairs of different times over the past 4 years, “said Rama .

Full interview Rama and Thaci, can read:http://www.zeri.info/aktuale/27172/bashkimi-sipas-tyre/


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