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Here’s illegal construction in Pristina – photo


Mayor of Pristina Shpend Ahmeti has been released photos that show constructions, but also illegal in our community in GIS.

“This is just a simple editing work 1 year urbanism, when there were all the permits, all excesses, overbuilding and all illegal constructions,” said Ahmad.

Red circles are illegal constructions that have applied for legalization.

Below is a complete legend:

▲ (blue) with the permission of unidentified objects (absent division of plots)

(Blue) New objects (received construction permits for home while in orthophotos are flats)

  • (Blue) with permission objects identified in the field

↓ (green) with permission Objects (2000- 2014)

↓ (red) Applicant for the legalization of upgrades (without permission)

  • (Red) Applicator for legalization (without permission)

★ (green) Applicator for legalization (since 2010)

ndertimet-prishtine-646x330 ndertimet-prishtine-1-300x166





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