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Kosovo Trapped Between the USA v Russia Cold War

The Citizens of Kosovo are Sick of Being Tarred by the Same Brush as their Criminal, Corrupt Leaders who are protected by the USA and EU.



Peace talks have between Kosovo and Serbia. This is how the US managed to put in a  government to allow this to happen, even though they are criminals that should be locked up for corruption and nepotism. Let it be known that this goes against the will of the Kosovo public. Read how the American Ambassador and the President, illegally able made this happen.

Before the election, Thaci was planning to team up with Isa Mustafa of the LDK party to form government, letting Isa Mustafa be Prime Minister and he would be President.

After the elections, Prime Minister Hashim Thaci’s party won,  but didn’t have enough votes to form a government for his PDK party. Thaci started campaigning before an election had been announced, buying votes and promising everyone a pay rise. (Which he did before the last election, but did not follow through on his promises) It was a sad day for Kosovo, one woman telling me that when she went to work the next day, everyone in her office were crying over the decision and the thought of having Thaci for another four years.

Thaci didn’t have enough votes to form a government, so a coalition was formed between the LDK, AAK, to prevent Thaci regaining power. So a few days after the elections, the celebrations started again, with fireworks, for the new Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, also a criminal, but anyone was better than Thaci, the US puppet.

Albin Kurti of the Vetevendosje (VV) party was instrumental in bringing the coalition together, but he would only join, if they agreed not to continue talks with Serbia. After many talks with the other party leaders, VV joined the coalition. This was now the legal government in Kosovo under the constitution, but the President and the US Ambassador had other ideas.

President Jahjaga and the American Ambassador Jacobson, had meetings with the leaders of the coalition parties, one by one. Months after the election and the USA were still pulling the strings to make sure their puppet Thaci stays in power, so Kosovo was still without a government. In fact you can say, or maybe they are saying “A Thaci Government, or No Government”.

Protesters showing their anger against the US Ambassador

Protesters showing their anger against the US Ambassador

Why are they protecting this corrupt leader, who has been money laundering through his family, who have become rich since Thaci came to power? The Government and Ministries are full of his relatives and friends. In fact you cannot get a job in a government office unless you are a member of the PDK party. Contracts go out to relatives of Thaci, especially his brothers.

Stealing Kosovo money and getting richer, while the average Kosovar is getting poorer. The man who pays for votes and is guilty of nepotism and suspicious of war crimes, will do anything for money.  So why is this criminal so protected by the EU and USA? Because he is the only leader who will continue talks with Serbia. The peace talks needed to fast track Serbia into the EU and away from Putin.

The USA don’t give a shit about Kosovo, only about what they can get out of it, it is all about Putin and Kosovars are suffering because of it. The cold war never ended as far as the USA are concerned, even if they will have you believe, that Russia has re-ignited it, as far the US is concerned it never ended.

The USA an EU make laws in Kosovo just to suit themselves. Rule of Law for Kosovo, only exists, if it doesn’t get in the way with US foreign policy. In the past months it has become quite obvious who is running Kosovo and that the citizens can do nothing to change it, as the USA/EU break the rules they have put into place to make sure their puppet leader, stays in place no matter what.

Hashim Thaci sitting between the two women who control him.

Hashim Thaci sitting between the two women who control him, US Ambassador Tracey Jacobson and President Atifete Jahjaga. Photo Zeri

Atifete Jahjago herself was corruptly made President of Kosovo by the USA. While the USA are calling for Presidents around the world to stand down, because they were not democratically elected, the USA are corruptly doing the same. Atifete Jahjago although head of police, nobody had heard of her in relationship to politics. The politicians voting on the Presidency were passed envelopes on who to vote for, even though she was not one of the candidates. Some say it was her relationship with US Ambassador Christopher Dell that got her the top job. Others say she is stupid enough to do what the US tell her. Sources in the police say there are questions to she rose to the top of the police. One policeman who started at the same time as she did, says she was promoted three times faster than anyone else.

One thing that all Kosovars agree on, is that she was put there by the US as their puppet and now she is breaking the law to make sure that Hashim Thaci, stays in power as her puppet partner. She is known as the President who came out of an envelope.

The US Ambassador Tracey Jacobson and Kosovo President Atifete Jahjago, then set out to prevent the coalition from forming government. Meeting after meeting followed,  between the President and each of the party leaders, while the wheels were turning to keep Thaci in power. Months pass, with no resolution, as the President went asked the Constitutional Court to find out if the Coalition was legal. This is when things started to get dirty and the law was broken.


taken from Prishtina Insight


On 31 August Kosovo’s president has extended the mandate of the three foreign judges sitting in its constitutional court, whose term in office expired on the same day. Reportedly, the duration of the extension is about two years: until June 2016 (the decision is not published). Reportedly, this decision was supported by the EU delegation in Kosovo.

By illegally appointing three constitutional judges, the Kosovo president breached the constitution. If the EU delegation supported the president’s decision, it gave her bad advice, but it was the only way they were going to stop the coalition.

A reception for the men and women, in Kosovo to stamp out Corruption.

A reception for the men and women, in Kosovo to thank them for fighting  Corruption.

The USA/EU have done nothing to stamp out corruption, in fact it is getting worse. Whenever there is talk in the media about corruption, Ambassador Jacobson has a get together of all the US/EU experts who are in Kosovo to stamp out corruption, for a publicity photo opportunity, to give the impression they are doing something, when in fact these ‘experts’ have said that they tell the government what to do, to stamp out corruption, but they don’t listen or act on the advice. If they were serious about corruption, they would have Thaci and Mustafa, behind bars. The evidence of their corruption and nepotism is everywhere, so why are EULEX doing nothing about it?

In the years that EULEX have been in Kosovo to implement rule of law, they have done nothing. Even the men and women working for EULEX will admit how bad it is blaming those at the top. There is no consistency at all, for example when the EULEX police leave, the new recruits don’t arrive until two months later, so they have no idea what their predecessors have done and have to start from scratch. One man told me that he has to write report after report and nobody ever reads them.

EULEX is a big failure and the country has gone backwards in every respect and I have heard it over and over again, from those who are here to make a difference and make improvements to the country, but just lined their own pockets.

KOSOVO-POLITICS-GOVERNMENTAfter four months the President ruled the coalition illegal and Isa Mustafa joined up with Thaci to form the government. The two most corrupt politicians in the country together, with Isa Mustafa being the new Prime Minister and Hashim Thaci as Foreign Minister. The USA managed to get their man where they want him. Isa Mustafa was former Mayor of Prishtina and his corruption is legacy he has placed on the city. Illegal buildings everywhere, contracts given to his family members and Municipality staff made up of his relatives. He destroyed Prishtina and now he is going to destroy Kosovo.

Now the US can get what they want, peace talks to get Serbia into the EU and away from Russian influence.



When Vladimir Putin likened Crimea to Kosovo, while trying to put over the argument of self determination of the Crimean people, he couldn’t have been more wrong.

In Kosovo there is no self determination,  just US control. If the Kosovars had  any choice at all they would have Kosovo rejoin Albania as it once was. On the biggest celebration of the year is Albanian Flag day, when Kosovo  is draped in red and black. They hate the blue and yellow flag which is known as the flag of Kosovo. Chosen after a competition for a flag design, with the conditions it could not have the colours black or red in the design. Even when it is not flag day, the Albanian flag is flown everywhere.


Protests and Mass Exodus due to a Corrupt Government

10866063_10152506220132000_496653546592588049_o 10257504_10152506222282000_3651569237969251750_o

No sooner than the  Mustafa/Thaci government were in power, the peace talks were arranged and Mustafa started doing as he was told by his masters and the trouble started. Not only do we have to endure this team for the next four years, but Thaci will be self proclaimed President, once Atifete Jahjaga’s term is up. Seven more years of having a criminal at the helm is just unacceptable and the people see no hope. On top of everything else Isa Mustafa (the ex mayor of Prishtina) is holding back the budget for the new mayor to run the city.

Protesters take their anger out on the government building.

Protesters take their anger out on the government building.

Just two months after the commence of the new government the people of Kosovo show their anger, with demonstrations followed by a mass exodus of people. Families, the young the old, have had enough of the corruption and no chance of getting a job and have decided to flee the country any way they can. The bus station is full of people day and night, fighting to get on a bus and leave. Most are heading for Hungary and from there they are trying to get to Germany or Switzerland.

In just one month 10,000 have fled the country to seek asylum in Hungary, compared with 6,000 in the whole of 2013. Among them there are many children, pregnant women and even people with special needs.

Kosovar migrants walk on a road after illegally crossing the Hungarian-Serbian border near the village of Asotthalom

Kosovar migrants walk on a road after illegally crossing the Hungarian-Serbian border near the village of Asotthalom

It is hard to comprehend that all these people are leaving a country because of a corrupt government and not a war zone. It is not bad enough that the US is causing hundreds of thousands of refugees, by starting wars around the world, but now they are making lives unbearable in a peaceful country, just to get their own way against Russia. The US don’t care about the Albanians in Kosovo, it is all about getting back at Putin.

What we need to see is Vladimir Putin recognising Kosovo, to break the stranglehold that the US possesses, because in the next few months, they are going to do all they can to get Serbia into the EU. Even though it is between Serbia and the EU, the US has already put the wheels in motion. Are we going to see the beginnings of another Ukraine, which started with a small protest about entering the EU, but then the US got involved and turned it into a war zone.

The US calls Kosovo its success story, well it is far from that and will never be, until the people have self determination and not just another state of the US, for its world domination.




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