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“The truth of the process of forced displacement in Kosovo”

by Diana Bunjaku for Bota Sot
"The truth of the process of forced displacement in Kosovo"

KOSID has presented the results of the project

KOSID Wednesday presented the Report on meeting international standards for involuntary resettlement, forced relocation of citizens of Kosovo, as a result of the proposed project for power plant Kosovo, by Dr. Theodore E. Downing.

Kosovar Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development – KOSID, led by Diana Berisha FIQ, Jafar Gashi President of Obilic, Struga Meivis FIQ and youthful Gojani Indep, aimed to highlight the deficiencies of relocation and resettlement of people new to Hades , as part of the Government of Kosovo for power plant “Kosova e Re”, which were representative of the community, KEK etc. Regarding this KOSID’s representative, Visar Azzam said that the World Bank has not found much time to come and to deal with the community and other institutions. According to him, this project they have pushed forward and erroneously instructed agencies and legislators in Kosovo. While Diana Berisha from FIQ, said that this study was contracted by KOSID in 2012 to understand what is happening to the displacement in Obiliq more accurately in Hade, Siboc, Lajthishte the Shipitulle.

“KOSID has contracted Theodore Downing, and was invited to Kosovo to design and understand what was happening with the relocation process,” said among others Berisha

According to her, such a project, major supposed to create jobs, development and what really seen in this municipality is an extraordinary poverty level.

But Mayor of Obilic, Jafar Gashi, treated Obiliq as a fate that Kosovo enjoyed this wealth.

“We are fortunate that Kosovo enjoyed this property which is located in the municipality of Obilic, but it is unfortunate for residents living in the municipality. We as a municipality facing continuously more these concerns. Problems in the village Hade, in Dardhishta of the others, are issues of concern to citizens because Obiliqi there stagnate in development as a municipality, “said Gashi.

But on the other hand Aqif Shala, representatives from community Hade, has criticized the Ministry on duty and Spatial Planning Dardan Gashi, for not fulfilling their demands, and lack of representatives of the World Bank who were not present at this conference.

According to him, the inhabitants of Hades, has paid 5 thousand euros out of their pocket to invest a little bit of sand stone, you leave lloçit that has gripped the streets of Hades.

Shala also criticized the presentation of the planning of large projector slides through, addressing the participants: KOSID, KEK officials, Chairman of the Obilic Jafar Gashi, and Spatial Planning Minister Dardan Gashi, that these “work made “that is present you” are just movies or dream that you see with the eye is open, because according to him the reality is quite different from that that what is presented here.

Shala: We have no where to bury the dead

“First of all, the problem with cemeteries have not selected yet you Mr. Gashi, and location which was divided to three years for allegedly for us, none of us know where are the graves and where is the place allocated to them. Here even now as I speak here before you, I had a call from a resident who announce a death, that just has happened, but we have already plight now where to bury it because we have no land, and have no place, s. Minister Gashi, because the dead do not expect “Shala said among others revolted, the attendees, who also sparked the conference. / BS /




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