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Schmidt: Chances of Kosovars for asylum in Germany are 0.0%

04 February 2015 • 17:59 •

Dr. Manfred Schmidt, president of the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees exclusively for DW explains the rules for asylum in Germany and what the law provides for cases of requests from citizens of Kosovo.

Deutsche Welle: Mr. Schmidt, only the last two months, according to some estimates, the Kosovo have more than 30,000 Kosovars. Many of them intend to come to Germany, with the hope that here you will find a better life. Can you confirm the growing number of Kosovars who have come these days and weeks in Germany and how realistic is their hope that in Germany to find a better life?

Dr. Manfred Schmidt:  I really can confirm that these days has increased significantly the number of Kosovars who are coming to Germany. In our statistics say that from December to January, so within a month, has tripled the number of asylum seekers in our system. If we compare the same period a year ago, we have a quota increase of 572% of Kosovars.Regarding your question, whether it can hope these people start to Germany to a better life, the answer is no. We have changed our procedures and requirements of persons with Kosovar citizenship for asylum are processed by an accelerated procedure. We are trying the decision in each case be taken as soon as possible. Quota of opportunity for recognition of the right of asylum is about 0.0%. So Kosovars have no chance to win the right to asylum in Germany. We (federal authorities) have agreed to the lander as soon as possible to begin the process of forced return to Kosovo. This means that these persons will be denied admission to all Schengen countries.

Deutsche Welle: Mr. Schmidt, let them explain things one by one. Many Kosovars launched in Germany in order to seek asylum. Do they have opportunities for asylum?

Dr. Manfred Schmidt:  I do not have a chance. In Kosovo, a difficult economic situation and that we know all. But poor economic situation can not result in protection as a refugee in Germany, and in any other country of the European Union.

Deutsche Welle: You probably know that Kosovo is the poorest country in Europe and that unemployment is over 40%. While Germany needs manpower. Is this not a sufficient cause of these persons will be granted asylum for economic reasons and is there such asylum generally?

Dr. Manfred Schmidt:  Asylum for economic reasons does not exists. The dire economic situation and poverty are not causes, which, under the Geneva Convention on Refugees, someone enable housing. Poverty is not due for housing in Europe.

Deutsche Welle: Mr. Schmidt, you said that you have simplified procedures for reviewing applications of Kosovars, who come to Germany and seek shelter. Apparently this procedure, as Kosovars can stay here as asylum seekers and after much time they return home?

Dr. Manfred Schmidt:  We have reacted to this state of emergency. The procedure is as follows: initially determine a person’s identity. Assessing the security situation, the deal marks gitshtrinjve done biometric photographs and then with our colleagues within 10 days of the decision. Follow the negative responses, because all were unfounded. After the negative response, we ask them to leave the country. For those who do not leave voluntarily, following her deportation.

Deutsche Welle: Can you count these people with social support, whether they where deployed, or have to eat enough, or simply have to wait somewhere in inappropriate conditions, until you come negative response?

Dr. Manfred Schmidt:  They wait in shelters lands, which were accepted for the first time. They obviously there will take the basics to survive. Stay there until the arrival of our response to negative and there they should leave Kosovo.

Deutsche Welle: You are talking all the time “until we decided adversely”. Does this mean that really would not be accepted none of those apply?

Dr. Manfred Schmidt:  We will not recognize any of these asylum applications.

Deutsche Welle: But Mr. Schmidt, Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro are not yet on the list of safe countries, in contrast to Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia. Is there any significance to this fact the Kosova to come and seek asylum?

Dr. Manfred Schmidt:  Kosovo is not unsafe place, but not yet listed among the safest countries, as these three countries that you mentioned. This means that even in the case of citizens of Bosnia, Serbia and Macedonia may decide so quickly. We are currently examining the possibility that Kosovo is ranked among the safest countries. But that is not yet listed among the safest countries, there is no impact on the unfounded claims for asylum and all will be rejected.

Deutsche Welle: Mr. Schmidt, you probably have seen that in Germany and other countries are coming and families with small children and women. What are the conditions in which collated these people?

Dr. Manfred Schmidt:  They settle in venstrehimet of Lands.They are common venstrehime, with a relatively narrow space. In these preliminary shelters they have to expect a decision. These are not good shelter. But there obviously exists a basic care for them. Emphasize that there is no objection whatever opportunity that asylum seekers remain for a long time in Germany. If anyone would come in Germany, this applies to the Kosovars, the possibility of legal arrival. If someone finds a legal place of work in Germany, have to go and look for a visa at the German Embassy in Kosovo. It provides legal arrival in Germany. But not through the asylum and illegal arrival in Germany.

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