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Kurti: Jablanoviçi and a hot item for Kosovo Trepca

Chairman of the Self-Determination Movement, Albin Kurti told VOA that Minister Alexander Jablanoviç presents a concept of Great Serbia and Trepca a chance for development of Kosovo. 


In Kosovo, the government and the opposition are exchanging criticism after Tuesday’s protests were involved violence, which left behind dozens more injured and material damage. The government says they were trying to take power by force, while the opposition denies such a thing stressing that their aim was in fact strengthening the rule.

International authorities are calling for political dialogue and avoidance of violent actions in protest announced for the coming week with the requirements for dismissal of a Serbian minister in the Kosovo government and clarify the fate of the Trepca mining complex.


Chairman of the Self-Determination Movement, Albin Kurti said in an interview with Voice of America that these two issues these are both a hot item: Minister Alexander Jablanoviç concept of Great Serbia and the other side Trepca, as chance for development of Kosovo. In an interview given to our correspondent in Pristina, Besim Abazi, he said that Serbia’s goal is not the occupation of Kosovo, but its bosnjëzimi.

VOA: Mr. Kurti, organized protests of you and their flows have increased tensions in Kosovo. How can slack this situation?

Albin Kurti: There are three weeks since the protests began in Kosovo.Initially the request for dismissal of Jablanoviçit by the Kosovo government and later with the protection of Trepca, through a special law that makes it special Trepca public enterprise. And these protests culminated in those last two in Pristina, the first on 24 January, last Saturday, while the other on Tuesday January 27th. In recent rally was a brutal and cruel intervention of the police, where they treated us as it was to us Jablanoviçit statement, so as savages. First they put metal barriers in Skanderbeg Square, not allowing us to have freedom of movement and peaceful assembly and then in the streets of Pristina have long hunted with rifles with rubber bullets, where there are consequences of bystanders case with the broken leg to a 29-year-old protester, who did not know whether to save the eye, because it is hit with rubber bullet in the eye. It was unexpected for us because we did not think that so long and so many will defend Jablanoviçin which denies us the history and dignity override us from the position of Minister of the Government of the Republic.

VOA: But, Mr. Kurti in violence that erupted Tuesday particular, the largest number of injured was a police?

Albin Kurti: Police regularly increase the number of its injured and is unable to make any tie here as police had numerous devices and was armed to the teeth, while her face Kosovar youth were generally had the older but mostly were youth who were completely unarmed. Even the stones that were thrown at police after police intervention with tear gas and batons of the armored vehicles, even those stones, stones were found there. Ie. take the stones that were already on the road. There was no one who came that day to protest on stones. But I do not think we need to problematise citizen response of 27 January, but have to problematise the fact that the presence of the Minister of the Serbian List, Jablanoviç in the Kosovo government, is daily violence, and on January 27 and each day before 27 January and each day after January 27. It violence on mothers gjakovare is violence on our national history and is forced over the institutions of the Republic.

Voice of America: For many who minister Jablanovic and Trepca were just some “casus belli”, some pretext for the protests. Why is it so important Jablanoviç minister?

Albin Kurti: We had the Serbian ministers in previous governments. We had Nenad Rashiçin, minister of labor and social welfare, but he never said that in Kosovo, Serbia has not committed crimes, has not committed massacres. He never called Albanians savages. On the contrary, has accepted Kosovo’s independence and has always loved and thoroughly contribute to the integration of Serbs in Kosovo institutions in society.Jablanoviçi is something else. We have no problem with Jablanoviçin why Serb. We have no problem with civilian Serbs. The problem with Jablanoviçin is because his statement, except that it is impermissible, at the same time, it is an expression of Serbia within Kosovo. So the mission of the head of the Serbian List, clearly is that kind of Milosevic statements Seselj, to weaken Kosovo for the operation within the against Serbia.Therefore, I believe that now is the moment to show the country Jablanoviçit. And his country should be outside the government of the Republic. So should not push this work later. Jablanovici is impersonal surname of a minister, but at the same time also the name of a general concept of Great Serbia in Kosovo. So there is only one person Jablanoviçi particular, a special person, but at the same time it is much more than that.Kosovo is Serbia itself within which tends bosnjëzojë us.

Voice of America: At the time when you were part of a political bloc with LDK and AAK Initiative for Kosovo, you know that if you create the government that will do well with the Serbian List, Where is the problem now with this list?

Albin Kurti: In July of 2014, Jablanoviçi had stated that he has no problem with self-determination, but Self-determination with Serbia. A few days after this statement was summoned to Belgrade Serbian complete list and since then they began to say that they do not enter the government of the Republic if it Vetvendosje there. They began to fight once self-determination as the KLA. With the same language and the same discourse in general.Now Jablanoviçi said the statement from the position of Minister of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo. Not from the position of deputy said. When he became minister said so, so it is intolerable. And the Serbian List is formed by the agreement (Hashim) Thaci – (Ivica) Dacic in Brussels, where, Dacic had assigned us the date of the last local elections, 3 November 2013. Thus, the Serbian List is the same formation that emerged from the agreement Thaci – Dacic, which on the one hand coined the lineup and on the other hand will try to fabricate the association of Serb majority municipalities as a special kind of entity within Kosovo. The issue is that we had no illusions about the Serbian list. However, at the same time we were able to have again Nenad Rashiçin not Jablanoviçin minister again.Especially, not a Serb minister who calls us savages and simultaneously deny the massacres of Serbia. I’ve never met Jablanoviçin. As we cooperate with the opposition bloc, I did not never met Jablanoviçin. Others do not know how many times he has met, but I know they have met. I have not ever met. I’ve met in a joint meeting with Mustafa even Haradinaj and Nenad Rashiçin, which I remember very well, had said that I like the idea of Vetevendosja dialogue with Kosovo Serbs development. So he himself had said so. So I do not shove all Serbs in a bag, so since not shove or all Albanians in a bag. You see that some of the opponents of self-determination and most people throw rocks and wood to me, are just Albanians.

VOA: Do not lose much energy in Jablanoviç issue, that the ultimate end to his statement would cost the government more than you?

Albin Kurti: Except there are some fundamentals of the people and institutions that are indisputable. Can not someone is telling us here s’paska now been massacres. Because the path he prepares to turn Serbia into Kosovo with these statements. We know that the International Court of Justice, one of the main arguments in the main fact that is used by all those who took the side of Kosovo with the declaration of independence, Serbia was exactly crimes. And now this comes even hits there.

VOA: But it can not change history, Mr. Kurti. I think that is very strong statement that he is turning Serbia in Kosovo?

Albin Kurti: No, he is opening the path to a goal of Serbia, which will not now to occupy the whole of Kosovo, but it bosnjëzojë it. I’m not saying that the goal is to occupy the entire Kosovo Serbia. Serbia wants to bosnjëzojë Kosovo with a separate entity, stating, crime has been on both sides in the end. But before you say that there were crimes on both sides, first attacked the Serbian crimes in Kosovo, trying at least to minimize them. Of course we all know that there were crimes of Serbia in Kosovo and of course it changes anyone Jablanoviçi not mind his statement. But this is paving the hegemonic intentions of Serbia. I believe that all citizens have seen that no discharge of Jablanoviçit by Mustafa, is tremendously irresponsible Mustafa, as prime minister is not liable only when acting, but even when not acting in it should. I do not understand completely bash, how did Mustafa takes the protection Jablanoviçin, how did he minimizes Jablanoviçit statement and at the same time, how did Mustafa understands that protecting Jablanoviçin, gives permission Jablanoviçëve that I repeat that statement. By the fact that you do not react to such a declaration, by downloading as prime minister, it becomes permission for such statements in the future. Therefore, this is the moment when we must stop such people.

Voice of America: Hypothetically suppose that the government dismisses Jablanoviçin and thus promotes the reaction of the Serbian List which can be withdrawn by the government and bring the country into a situation where he would be forced to go to new elections. Who do you think will win the election? What if there was again a same political situation?

Albin Kurti: I believe that there are things for people, society, nation, our state more important than the possibility of extraordinary elections. There are the remains Republic or on paper if tolerated Jablanoviçit statement and continues to attack the Trepca. So these are two a hot item: Jablanoviçi concept of Great Serbia and on the other hand, Trepca, not only pride of our people, but also as a chance for future development. These are far more important than any election for which I now do not even want to talk or think.

VOA: Do you intend somehow paraphrase government to take power through the way that the course would mean the collapse of the government and going to new elections?

Albin Kurti: They are not able to think more and beyond their power, so even now to keep power by force and keeping power by force, would have us believe that the blame us if we want to take it. Nobody wants them to take power. We’re trying not to let the minister in the government of the Republic of Kosova still be Jablanoviçi and turn us Trepca law that makes Trepca public companies because without Trepca we do not have the chance to industrial development of economy and our country.

VOA: But the government says Trepca already saved from bankruptcy by the law on enterprises and their assets and now must separate law but that requires time?

Albin Kurti: They brought the January 19 session a bill, but withdrew due to the dictates of (Alexander) Vuçiçit. It was Vuçiçi who immediately declared against such a bill which made ​​an extraordinary Mustafa, who called his prime minister, because it is right under the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly, withdraw it and bring another that brings a kind of moratorium 18 months, that is not the solution, because the assets of Trepca, continue to collapse …

VOA: But does not create space for solutions Mr Kurti?

Albin Kurti: Yes, though not the first law immediately ?. Trepca urgent need to develop. They do not save anything. We think that should save the citizens of this government which does not discharge Jablanoviçin and continues to hold Trepca underdeveloped. Now, you know that Prime Minister Mustafa has called extraordinary sessions of the assembly.However, in the week when we had two very strong protest on 24 January and 27 January, there cried assembly session. On the one hand say that the dialogue should be in the assembly, on the other hand they communicate with us through police violence.

VOA: But, you brought up the debate on the street, according to the government, Mr. Kurti?

Albin Kurti: Yes, Prime Minister Mustafa could call extraordinary session after mass protest January 24. On Monday, January 26, before the 27 January protests, we could have assembly session. Why not call? No, because he is trying to communicate with us through police violence.

VOA: You say that you want to save the citizens of this government. How?

Albin Kurti: Look. With these peaceful protests, the streets of Pristina are transformed into squares, because the square has become the way in which we protect the Republic, the history and the dignity of the citizens of the republic Trepca which is already bare. So, when institutions maintain and protect statement fascist, racist anti-Albanian Serbian representatives, obviously those institutions become insufficient. And I say again, in last week called not extraordinary session, while the Prime Minister could do it.But we as opposition can not collect 40 signatures, as Self-determination even when MPs join the ACA and the Initiative has 33 members.

Voice of America: The moratorium that was placed on Trepca does not change its state is now 16 years of the same. So Trepca did not come today. Why exactly now has become a pretext?

Albin Kurti: I believe this is because Serbia wants to open a topic in the Brussels talks. And this is the moment in terms of legal entity, to seal the Trepca as public enterprises of the Republic of Kosovo and to connect with the Assembly of the Republic by a majority of 80 votes to change any of it.Trepca needs to add value through investment. According to experts Vetevednosja, if invested in Trepca, is a calculation of over 177 million euros, the export of processed metals and semi-processed since the first year could receive 450 million euros, according to prices world market today. It is absurd that we speak for the debts of Trepca at the time we did not participate in the succession of former Yugoslavia, where the plan of (Martti) Ahtisaari ven us part of Serbia’s external debt, which is unjust and when Serbia us has paid war reparations. While these three injustice, to speak for the debts of Trepca, is unfair. And remember that the value of Trepca is many times higher than any alleged debt, where most of them are in fact false claims. As the expert said Vetevendosja Nazmi Mikullovci, we need not be afraid of the courts and the law, because by them will win proving that Trepca is ours.

Voice of America: The issue of war damage, the legacy of the former Yugoslavia are issues that should be discussed at a round table and this is expected to happen exactly in talks currently conducted through the mediation of the EU, as you continue to resist . Why Mr. Kurti?

Albin Kurti: Dialogue is developed so far that has been unconditionally Serbia Serbia for Kosovo’s internal affairs. Consequently, the result could not be right. We are not against dialogue as such, but we are against this dialogue which makes Kosovo and Serbia theme defining the agenda.Serbia must meet a number of conditions before being eligible to dialogue with us. And we saw the political subjectivity and thus confirmed state sovereignty, believe Serbia will become increasingly worse and the situation in Kosovo increasingly heavy.

Voice of America: For the next week have warned again protest. Are you willing to work to avoid violence and distancing from it, because you are criticized for not doing this?

Albin Kurti: We ask the police not to impose metal barriers in Skanderbeg Square. We know that the government has separated himself from Skanderbeg through the bars. No need to put us metal barriers us also separate us from Skanderbeg Square and cripple. Square is the citizens.Now, there are streets without republic, but no republic without plaza. And that day on 4 February next Wednesday Well, would get together at the monument of Zahir Pajaziti at 12h and will march toward Skanderbeg Square, where we will have our carers to ensure that protests will be entirely peaceful. However, we hope that the police will not bring those metal barriers and not bring it to light weapons, which on January 27 clearly not brought for display, but for use.




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