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Isa Mustafa has until Tuesday for the dismissal of Jabllanoviçit

Term until Tuesday Isa Mustafa for dismissal of Jabllanoviçit
Photos: The world today

Visar Ymer self Movement MP Mustafa said that the prime minister has until Tuesday on 3 February to dismiss the Minister for Communities and Returns, Alaksandër Jablanovic, and send for approval in the Assembly Law on public enterprises, which would enable the Trepca pass from social enterprise in public enterprises. In contrast according to Ymer, Prime Minister Mustafa and his government will face civil revolt.

While Frashër Krasniqi said that Kosovo police is continuing its violence after Tuesday’s protest, even in police stations, and this according to Krasniqi is showing that Mustafa is going to install a police state in the country.

“We think that this whole scenario is being made to intimidate the citizens of Kosovo, in order not to join the protests in order, but Isa Mustafa’s government and police state that they are supposed to do in Kosovo are forgetting that have chosen the wrong moment. Today civil uprising of people without perspective of poor people is too large, it is such a revolt which is empty of violence which they are exercised, “said Krasniqi.

According to Krasniqi, the enthusiasm of citizens for Wednesday’s rally is much larger than the two previous protests and violence used by the Kosovo Police, is violence that is increasing the revolt and anger of citizens.

Visar Ymer, said the government through police violence is showing fear that has to be faced with Jabllanoviçin and Serbia.

“Police violence not only during the day of protest that has been present there until the end of the protest, but also during the days after the protest, is evidence of the Government panic. This government is in panic and scared, and now have a situation where the frikësuarit are trying to intimidate citizens, “said Ymer.

The next rally will be held on Wednesday at 12:00 and key requirements remain Jabllanoviçit discharge and Trepca law.




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