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Mustafa/Thaci Government Will not Approve, Previously Approved Budget for Prishtina Municipality

Shpend Ahmeti wants elections to the Municipal Assembly of Pristina

  • Mayor of Prishtina, Shpend Ahmeti, has appealed to the municipal assembly elections are announced to the capital.This call, Ahmeti has since Prishtina budget for this year has remained unapproved.

    He says that the municipality may proceed with only unapproved budget by March 1.

    “In September 2014 Municipal Assembly approved the 2015 budget of 69 million euros. The government did not accept the budget as it’s past it’s new as well. Therefore, the municipality now has no approved budget, and works with the budget imposed by the Ministry of Finance “, Ahmeti said today in a post on Facebook.

    “This situation could continue only until March 1, and then no more expenses. By law the Municipal Assembly declared inoperative and runs the elections “, he said.

    Ahmeti said that calls for elections to the municipal assembly because, according to him, there have been requests from LDK – PDK that are aimed at blocking Pristina.

    “It is a democratic value to measure the legitimacy of all in Pristina. To understand whether blocking coalition Prishtinalit LDK – PDK or to continue the liberation from corruption. Are the Sami Hamitët or to remove them from the municipality. On the contrary Sami Hamitët cheat citizens are false legitimacy, “he said.

    As for self-determination, Ahmeti said that the party is ready to go to the polls.

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One thought on “Mustafa/Thaci Government Will not Approve, Previously Approved Budget for Prishtina Municipality

  1. Prime Minister Isa Mustafa, the previous Mayor of Prishtina who made life difficult for the residents with his corruption is now making life difficult for the new Mayor Shpend Ahmeti, who is doing a good job of wiping out corruption. Mustafa/Thaci coalition are making life unbearable for the citizens on Kosovo.

    Posted by friends of kosova | January 30, 2015, 11:07 pm

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