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The year with or (without) electricity

The year with or (without) electricity

The last days of 2014 are expected to be electricity cuts. Kosovo Energy Corporation shall not return to work at the planned time, two units of Kosovo A power plant, which was disabled after the explosion on June 8.

On the other hand KEDS plans do not cover import electricity shortage that is expected to come from a lack of electricity production. People are hesitant and are afraid that will be hosting a hard winter and it will not have enough power even for the year to come, as KEK with all its problems it has, I will not out to face as a corporation.

Hazir Rrmoku from Pristina said that it hopes to KEK no, that would be enough electricity to citizens. He doubts not only for half months of this year the corporation will supply them with electricity, but even in that fall. “Last year exactly on the night shift was moteve Mote had electricity, and to be honest none of my family than we had expected such a thing. Now that KEK electricity stopped on the night of New Year, when everyone should be cakërronim glasses and we were happy, we had to ask headlights candles as in the Stone Age. And precisely for this fact, we can guess, how KEK will begin work in 2015, “says Rrmoku.

Even other citizen, Ekrem Reçica says some neighborhoods of Pristina still face lack of electricity. Unfortunately life in Kosovo, according to him, not fulfilling the basic needs of citizens. It fault outfox rulers who always more going from promise to promise, and very few are meeting their needs.

“XXI century and we still face a lack of electricity, water and heat. I heard that in some parts of Pristina now warming is better quality but the price for payment is still high. It is known that steam coming from the electric power is free, and paid the same as heating with fuel oil, and this is not okay. I hope that this problem will be remedied in the whole city, but things are moving very slowly and health of material damage to citizens.

Edmond Nulleshi, Director of Corporate Services KEK, said that despite the challenges associated with the longevity of equipment, performance of KEK, thanks to appropriate investments, efficient management and commitment of employees at all levels of action now 6 years in succession has Having a steady growth.
“Last year, production was about 7% higher compared with the previous year.Moreover, the output from power plants KEK during the past year has been the highest since the launch of their work, and if we compare it to 2002, he was 100% higher, “said Nulleshi.
According Nulleshit, at the moment are ready for use about 13 million tons of coal, while in storage power plants are deposited around our 400,000
reservations. “During this period, the number of stopovers and time off work keeping the units of A and B is halved compared with previous years. After the June 6, 2014, KEK has suffered a tragic accident in Kosovo A “means Nulleshi.
He said that despite the challenges associated with financial loss from lack of income due to missed production as a result of the accident, KEK in a record time has taken all steps to devise situation.

According to him, taking into account all these, were taken all measures within the circumstances created after the accident, during 2015, generating units KEK work based on the revised energy balance, in coordination with the KEDS Caligula as the license holder of public suppliers.

“During this process, in order to maintain the budget and reducing the stay more units outside work activities related to these overhauls are being carried out in order stimulants which occasion their supervision and coordination is more challenging,” said Nulleshi for The world today.




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