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Turkey Spreading Radicalism in Kosovo

Turkish newspaper columnist, “Today’s Zaman”, Emre Uslu, arrested Sunday by Turkish police, is the author of the article for links Turkish International Cooperation Agency and Zvhillim (TIKA) with radical Islamic groups in Kosovo.

davutoglu-erdoganUslu in September this year he published a text in Turkish daily, which had shown some real opportunities TIKA be involved in projects that help individuals suspected of involvement in terrorist organizations like al-Nustra and ISIL.

On Sunday (December 14) Turkish police arrested at least 24 people during an action in a major newspaper and a television station, said to have close ties with opposition parties. They were detained and are accused have tried to limit state control, reports lajmi.net.

The newspaper “Zaman” and television “its Samanyolu” related to Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen movement’s spiritual leader HIZMET.

A former ally of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Gulen, who lives in exile, is accused of running a “parallel state” within Turkey.

Read the full script Uslu allegations financing radical Islamic groups in Kosovo by the Turkish agency “TIKA”:

A Turkey stands behind Abbas Husamedin radicals?

I informed my writing before the Association for Culture and Education (AKEA) and 16 other associations that cooperate with the Agency Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) was closed because of alleged ties to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria ( ISIS) and Al Nusrat group in Syria.

But what is the relationship between TIKA, radical groups and AKEA’s?

Official reports TIKA show that it has reconstructed and equipped offices AKEA’s in 2009. The support of TIKA to AKEA’s not limited here, but I believe that this is sufficient to reflect the relationship between them.

Why is concerned TIKA support this organization that kept under continuous observation for its links with radical groups, whether if he had any similar association humanitarian where funds channeled?

The answer to these questions is found in the reports of the security agencies of Kosovo, Turkey and other Western allies, which emphasize namely that Kosovo exports jihadists image bothers most people because of the negative effect it has on the issues of legitimacy Kosovo state in the international arena. Kosovo authorities undertook such an action because it is suspected that the number of Kosovo Albanians involved with the Islamic State goes 160. Some of them also serve as the leader of the group, including the fact that the country has an access to Political Islam (Parties shall receive 3% of the votes).

Opposition and government are acting together on this issue because a Kosovar militant Islamic State Lavdrim Muhaxheri saw in Facebook by beheading a “pafeu”;another Kosovo Albanian attacked Turkish troops; head of the Kosovo Islamic Community (KIC) Naim Trnava has called for help jihad in Syria.

AKEA, previously known as “wisdom” is funded association Husamedin informally by Abbas. In 1997 he was a student in Riyadh for Islamic Studies. The Association was officially formed in 1999.

AKEA is a closed organization by UNMIK in Kosovo after the events of September 11 because of its ties with Al Qaeda and the support received from the Saudis. In short, organizations associated with Al Qaeda supported AKEA-n since its inception. In Turkey, it is supported by the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH).

The Turkish government has made contacts with members of AKEA’s in March 1999. The group was banned from entering the territory of Macedonia by the authorities there and was forced to return back to Istanbul. There, fled to camps set up by IHH, and was visited often by the leader Abbas and friends from Egypt.

Security authorities have followed very closely the activities of this group intervened and seized computers. Later, they were transferred to Albania under the coordination of a civil association, which has an important role in shaping the foreign policy of the government of Turkey today.

Having raise money through the same association, they opened a publishing house, “FOCUS A” after the war. They organized various activities with sister association “Logos” administered by the Albanian-Macedonian Adnan Ismail by organizing camps for teenagers, in which participated the current prime minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu.

The latter has developed three visits to these new camps, in 1999, 2000 and 2001 by staying silent even when Abbas spoke against Turkey’s religious rites.

AKEA translated the book “Strategic Depth: Turkey’s International Position” in Albanian language, while the publication was carried out by “LOGOS A”. Of course, Davutoglu also increased its support for this group. Their new buildings rose in Arberia / Dragodan, an area near Pristina. All costs were funded by TIKA.

Kursat Mamat, who now serves as coordinator of TIKA in Palestine care much for the project grouping Abbas disregarding warnings from intelligence authorities in Kosovo or the Turkish army and the police.

AKEA’s projects will have to rely more on other forms later.

In 2012, Davutoglu held a landmark visit to Kosovo, inaugurated the opening of the Foundation “Yunus Emre”. It was the month of Ramadan, he was invited by state authorities in Kosovo but chose to eat dinner just to AKEA’s offices despite these authorities but expect somewhere else to attend the official program.

There are rumors that AKEA made 1.5 million dollar funding from Murat Ulker to open a madrassa in Kosovo with the direct support of the President of Turkey’s son, Bilal Erdogan, in early 2013. However, we learn that the Prime Minister took this time considering warnings Western intelligence agencies and it madrasas never opened




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