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“HIB Petrol”, “AL Petrol”, “Petrol Company” oil smuggling

11.12.2014 | 14:30
Suspected of involvement in the smuggling of oil derivatives are powerful companies operating in Kosovo market. Moreover, immersed in the scandal allegedly also some companies which take millions from the state budget to supply Kosovo institutions with fuel.
Advertise sources “Infokusi” have indicated that some powerful companies of petroleum are closely linked to criminal groups operating in the north of Mitrovica. This has resulted in an investigation that started 6 months ago.
According to this source, which is part of the investigation in this case, the alleged smuggling of petroleum products are 12 companies, among them the “Petrol Company”, “Hib Petrol”, “AL Petrol”, and “Gold Benz”.”These companies are suspected and were raided before yesterday’s action. There were raids in most companies, and are also raided several properties of the owners of these companies, “said the source who wanted to remain anonymous.
According to him, were raided properties Latif Kryeziu, a millionaire who owned dozens of points of sale of petroleum products “Al Petrol”. Also, there were raids on the properties of another millionaire, Shkelzen Jusaj, owner of “Petrol Company” and in the company of another millionaire, bucaliu Ibrahim, who is the owner of the company “HIB Petrol”.
“All these companies are allegedly linked to the smuggling criminal groups operating in the north of Mitrovica. We have yesterday arrested 17 people suspected of organized crime and smuggling of petroleum products, cigarettes and other goods. There have managed to arrest some other people who are on the run.Some of them are Serbs and we have not managed to catch because we did not have accurate information about their whereabouts. All those who are in north Mitrovica and is now issued arrest speaks to are Repeater smuggling of goods works and who supply those dealers who already are being investigated, “he said.
One other information which is kept secret yesterday by police, is the case with “HIB Petrol”. This company is suspected and conducted raids yesterday in one of its points of sale at the entrance of Mitrovica. In this company supplied with fuel state institutions and this may be the reason why not make this information public. “I do not know why it is not informed about this company, but what is certain is that today we have also raided the point of sale of fuel and this company is suspected in this case,” said the source of the portal “Infokusi “.
Portal “Infokusi” during the day yesterday tried to get information from the Kosovo Police regarding property searches oil millionaires, but this was impossible because the police spokesman phone has been switched off.
While, spokeswoman EULEX mission, Dragana Nikolic Solomon contacted by “Infokusi” said the this action has completed Kosovo police and they must respond.
Also, impossible to talk has been with the company owners “AL Petrol” because of not answering the phone.
Alternatively, extensive operation conducted by the Kosovo Police yesterday arrested a total of 17 of people suspected of organized crime and smuggling of petroleum products, cigarettes and other goods. The operation was conducted in 38 different locations in several municipalities.e
During the operation there were raids in 12 oil pumps are seized over 24 thousand euros, 11 different weapons fire, five cars, and other items that will be used as evidence. /Infokusi.com/


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