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FOOTBALL – Serbia-Albania, guilt UEFA

Serbia and Albania, a steward beats Cana who had stopped the attacker from Balaj
Serbia and Albania, a steward beats Cana who had stopped the attacker from Balaj

October 16, 2014

The opinion of the Director

FLORENCE – On Tuesday evening I had the opportunity to watch live and especially from near Serbia-Albania . A game in which he played a Tuscan, the Empoli (but born in Shkoder, Albania),Elseid Hysaj . That it was not an easy game, especially for reasons that have absolutely nothing with the butt to do, he was known at all unless Uefa, which prohibited Gibraltar to Spain and being able to meet during the course of Euro2016 qualifying, but not to Nationals of Serbia and Albania.It’s really strange that UEFA has not taken into account that especially the wounds are still open for Kosovo and far away from the heal. I do not hide that I was amazed to read in many newspapers that the reason for the chaos in Serbia and Albania was to be found almost exclusively in the drone with the ethnic flag of Albania, one of the natives, and that includes not only Albania and Kosovo but also other areas currently under the administration of the Macedonian and Greek.  relegate what happened Tuesday night at the simple drone is not only completely wrong, but it is mostly synonymous with misinformation .

Serbia and Albania has been accompanied since the draw for the group stage of qualifying by a media campaign focused racial hatred. From the moment of arrival at Belgrade airport, the Albanian staff had to deal with bullying and pressures.The hotel in which resided the National Land of the Eagles was virtually under siege, with hundreds of police in riot war defending the perimeter. And we can imagine how difficult it is to prepare a game in such a climate.

Serbia and Albania, the Albanian flag officer of the game is hidden

Serbia and Albania, the Albanian flag officer of the game is hidden

In the days prior to the match, Serbia had previously ordered that the match could attend only the Albanians living in Albania (race forbidden, therefore, to Kosovo, the Albanians of Macedonia and to the millions of Albanians around the world) then, however, has extended the prohibition on participation in the event to all Albanians . Only a few lucky (about two hundred) were able to enter the stadium Partizan, but with a diktat of the Serbian authorities: no flags, coats of arms nothing worth praising Albania immediate arrest and summary trial .

Unheard of on which Uefa can not pretend anything. The only flags Albanians in the stadium were those worn by the fans (???) Serbs and burned, despite Uefa and Fifa prohibiting it; those used for the ceremony during the national anthems, the exposed (and then hidden) next to those of Serbia, FIFA, UEFA, respect Against Racism (!!!) and the European qualifications ( see photo at left ); a flag carried by an Albanian journalist. And, speaking of the Albanian colleagues, they deserve my total solidarity with the attacks suffered in the press box during the match by throwing blunt material.

Serbia and Albania, the 'fans' Serbs burn the flag of NATO

Serbia and Albania, the ‘fans’ Serbs burn the flag of NATO


Even before the kick off, supporters of Serbia (which had also burned the flag of NATO to which Albania is part of 2009 and in which Serbia was invited to join when appropriate –pictured right ) had begun to burn flags and Zi Kuq (red and black) with the two-headed eagle and throughout the course of the game they did not miss the chorus “Ubij, ubij Siptar”, which translated from Serbian means ” Kill, kill Albanians “. And, well before the arrival of the drone, the Serbs sing “Kill eliminate the Albanian lest he remain more” ( see video below ).  At the time of thehymns, the Albanian has been swamped with boos despite the players they tried to sing it out loud. During the whole of the match in the field has been raining all over , from firecrackers to Bengal through the smoke. A firecracker is also well erupted at a short distance by a player of the national team headed by De Biasi, the left-handed Agolli, so that the ‘ referee Atkinson had to suspend the match for a few moments .


Serbia and Albania, 0'08 "Kosovo is Serbia

To those who believe that politics has entered the field with drone, I would also point out that during the match have been framed from the beginning of the matchbanners and flags with the inscription (in Serbian) “Kosovo is Serbia” and would be staying there too some banners against Bosnia and Croatia.

In a climate of war , in which it was precluded from playing almost all the fans in Albania, many of which are already in possession of a ticket for the race, it seems that the only problem is a remote-controlled drone with a flag from a guy . A response to the Serbian authorities who had denied access to the stadium especially the Kosovars. One thing that never would have happened if they had been permitted to Albanian fans to follow their favorite players, remain appalled by the statements of Michel Platini for which the drone could contain a bomb. Perhaps Platini has seen too many action movies lately, but his statements are totally out of place. Quite the contrary should take responsibility and resign immediately resign given that allowed Serbia and Albania to face off in the same qualifying group.

Serbia and Albania, 41'16 ", the referee Atkinson calls for the intervention of the firemen for the flares

Serbia and Albania, 41’16 “, the referee Atkinson calls for the intervention of the firemen for the flares


But, then, the thing that leaves me flabbergasted is that you pretend not to see that the 41 ‘, when it was suspended the match , the referee Atkinson had to stop the clashes between Serbian fans in the stands and forces order and for the continued firing of flares and smoke bombs , so as to intervene a firefighter.

Only after about a minute the Serbian director showed the presence of the drone and I doubt that the director, which transmits broadcast worldwide, for nearly a minute and a half since the beginning of the riots in the stands has not noticed the presence of the flying object taken as justification to Serbian violence.

Serbia and Albania, 35'25 ", Lazovic Kolarov and try to calm things down, the player and the linesman Albanian leave. Partita temporarily suspended.

Serbia and Albania, 35’25 “, Lazovic Kolarov and try to calm things down, the player and the linesman Albanian leave. Game paused


That of the 41 ‘was already the second suspension , again for the unrest caused by the home crowd, already known to the whole world for the events in Genoa in 2010, before, during and after Italy-Serbia. The other took place in the course of the 36 ‘when a firecracker had exploded near Agolli and many blunt objects rained down on the outside of Albania and the linesman.

The Serbian players Lazovic and Kolarov had gone to appease the fans, while both the player and the linesman Albanian who moved away. After about 40 seconds of suspension and the intervention of the speaker, the game could resume, but the launching of objects so that the speaker went on, a couple of minutes later, he had to repeat the message.

Serbia and Albania, the gate is open and the 'fans' Serbs can invade the field

Serbia and Albania, the gate is open and the ‘fans’ Serbs can invade the field

Honestly, they make me smile the statements of the Serbian players (at the suggestion of the Greek federation, not exactly a friend of the Albanians …) for which you have stopped the drone was used to restart the match.

If you really Serb players they wanted to stop the drone just to get back to playing, they would have had to intervene players Albanian, inviting the captain Cana to take the flag, and not to tear it vehemently as he did Mitrovic. And, speaking of the fight, I have not read words of condemnation against those who opened the gates outside and inside the stadium allowing thugs to invade the pitch to give chase to the Albanians. Some of these have affected the players benches with guests , who were beaten by some members Serbs as they ran toward the tunnel before being clubbed by police. Nobody condemns the steward who beat Cana, spoke out in defense of Balaj, and that he had grounded the pseudotifoso Serbia that had struck the Albanian striker with a stool. Nobody points out that in a civilized country one as Ivan “the Terrible” Bogdanov in a stadium would not have set foot until the end of his days .


No, all to condemn a simple demonstrative gesture of a little boy (not the brother of the Albanian Prime Minister, as reported falsely by the Serbian press to feed the climate of tension), perhaps risky, which introduced a totally unusual in an Albanian flag in a stadium during a match in Albania since the authorities of the host National had forbidden. Each physical and psychological violence perpetrated by the Serbs in the days before and during the game, it seems, take a back seat in front of a drone with a flag , and not with a bomb. But the bomb has triggered theUefa that anyway, if it was a serious organ , given the recidivism of the hottest Serbian supporters after the events in Genoa (and not only), Serbia disqualify for at least five years . The time to regroup and take tough action against violent. Among the many violent, Partizan stadium were also many simple Serbian fans, disgusted not by the drone, but the violence that accompanied an entire football game and everything around her, ruining an evening of sport.

But you know: even in football matters politics and Serbia has more friends in Albania. Above all, we have them Denmark and Portugal, from a possible defeat at the table Albanian, have everything to gain as they are forced to chase the men of De Biasi . No coincidence that the Rossoneri staff asked all the Albanians to be heard on social networks via the hashtag#SerbiaAlbaniaTheTruth where are collected all the events on Tuesdays. Facts that should not happen again and on which the Uefa is investigating, despite being the main culprit. Indeed, for the Uefa players of Albania, after being subjected to psychological pressure and the beating from the fans and law enforcement Serbs, they should continue the game. The risk is that it all turns into afarce, condemning both the Nationals. A judgment, this, that would legitimize the use of violence in stadiums and trasformerre the various “respect” and “no to racism” into mere propaganda slogans.

The major news events:
12’40 “Lila is on the ground after a ball in the face, you hear the noise of the explosion of a large firecracker.
14’29 “, the first launch of smoke on the pitch by supporters Serbs .
24’33 “, hoisted the flag of Greece clearly in an anti-Albanian.
35’11 “, some smoke bombs are thrown at the player Albanian Agolli about to beat a corner. A firecracker explodes right near there. Some objects touch the player and assistant referee. Atkinson suspend the game for a while. Lazovic and Kolarov going to appease the fans, while both the player and the linesman Albanian leave. After 40 seconds of suspension and the intervention of the speaker, the game resumes. A couple of minutes later, the announcer calls once again not to throw objects in the field.
40’45 “, a bottle is thrown in the direction of Balaj.
40’58 “, the” fans “hottest Serbia attempt to invade the field. They are barely contained by the security services. Born clashes with police and stewards.
41’09 “launched flares in a field.
41’13 “, comes another smoke, the referee Atkinson indicates the flares and smoke and momentarily suspends the game.
41’16 ” , the referee Atkinson calls for the intervention of the fire brigade to the flares.
41’57 “, is taken up for the first time the drone, but the Serbian fans already had begun a few minutes to throw everything on the field, intensifying the launch by over one minute. Possible that the direction of Serbia in this period of time has not noticed the drone? Or more simply, the drone appeared well after the beginning of the unrest?
Shortly before 45 ‘, Atkinson sends everyone in the locker room where players Albanians will be crushed.

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