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The boycott of Serbian products in the hands of traders

Prishtina, 16 October 2014 


Serbia risks losing millions of euros from the Kosovo market situation created after the match in Belgrade Serbia- Albania. This event has driven business representatives and those customers who call for a boycott of Serbian products.

Head of NGO “customer”, Selatin Kaçaniku told “Tribune” that the call to stop the import from Serbia should not be made to businesses and consumers.

“Serbia no product has not brought us violently. There are traders who have made our trade agreements, arguing that supposedly is convenient for the customer. Balkan Peninsula Market, European and world that have articles on quality and cheaper than those of us offers Serbia. Which products will make a decision merchants imported, importers who are big businesses, “said Kaçaniku ..

So as things stand now, [the issue of boycotting products “Made in Serbia” remains in the hands of dealers.

Serbia exports about 500 million euros per year in the Kosovo market. (Rm)




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