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Chanting: “Kill, kill the Albanians”

Even before the scandal game it came to threats and attacks. Now Serbs and Albanians to push the blame for the riots against each other.

Provocation, aggression, violence: Serbian fans can watch the game scandal.

Provocation, aggression, violence: Serbian fans can watch the game scandal.

Serbia to Albania – the’ll be more than a football game had been called there for days in the two countries. It was a poor idea, as the teams clashed for the European Championship qualifier on Tuesday evening. But first things first: after the landing of the Albanian football player at the Belgrade airport, there were scuffles between terraces journalists and border officials because a passenger apparently wore a scarf with the Albanian national colors. Outside had difficulty based armed and masked policemen position. Albanian fans were not allowed in the away game – for fear of riots. In return, the Serbian Football Association and the Uefa had used. The supporters of the Albanian Elf reacted angrily on Facebook and Twitter it rained vituperation and threats.

As a war correspondent

When the game finally began in Belgrade Partizan stadium, the atmosphere was so irritated that commentators such as war correspondent drowned. Serbian fans were alone and could let the hatred of Albanians run wild. Petards were fired, thrown hard objects on the playing field, a NATO flag burned.”Kill, kill the Albanians”, it echoed almost continuously through the stadium until the 42nd minute of the first half, when in Belgrade’s night sky an unmanned flying object appeared. It was a flag that was felt by the Serbs as a great provocation: On the black-red background of the flag, the map of a large Albanian state was seen with the double-headed eagle and with pictures of two politicians who a hundred years ago a crucial role in the had played establishment of an Albanian state. Given the message: autochthonous. With the word you wanted to obviously remember the Serbs because they were newcomers in the Balkans, the Albanians, however autochthonous, indigenous, descendants of the old Illyer who were primarily known as pirates in the Adriatic.

Fake Facebook messages

As the Serbian defender Stefan Mitrovic (SC Freiburg) tried to grab the flag, which still floated up in the air, rushed several Albanian players. They went on Mitrovic, there were wild scenes, threats, verbal abuse. The chaos was no longer to survey, as well as Serbian hooligans Albanian footballersattacked. The English referee Martin Atkinson decided to interrupt the game. An hour later, the game was canceled.

In the Albanian media, especially the FCB players will Taulant Xhaka hailed as a hero because he thrashed on the front line and the Serbian opponent the “holy Albanian flag” had snatched. Internet portals in Kosovo also spread several nationalist Facebook messages, claiming to be from Xhaka, the older brother of the Nati player Granit Xhaka. According to the FC Basel but there are sayings of unknowns which are published on fake Facebook profiles. For the Albanian team play alongside Taulant Xhaka also Ermir Lenjani (St. Gallen), Burim Kukeli (FCZ) and Amir Abrashi (GC).

With the drone nothing to do

The demolition by joystick of the football match between Serbia and Albania also immediately led to political tensions.According to the Belgrade media, claiming to police circles, is the brother of the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, the drone have piloted with the flag. Lack of evidence to date. “I have nothing to do with the drone. I do not know where this story comes, “said the man. After a brief interrogation by the police, he was able to fly in the night on Wednesday to Tirana.In the Albanian capital was celebrated until the early hours of the morning. Thousands of fans welcomed the players at Mother Teresa Airport. In neighboring and mainly Albanian population and since 2008 independent from Serbia Kosovo flocked especially young people on the streets.

The incident at the Partizan Stadium took place a week before the planned visit of the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in the Serbian capital. The last visit by a senior Albanian politician in Belgrade is located nearly 70 years back in 1946 visited the communist dictator Enver Hoxha the former Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito. Rama accused the Serbian side, they’ve delivered a hateful and miserable performance on Tuesday. Serbia’s Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic shot back immediately and spoke of a “deliberate provocation” of the Albanians.

The Uefa will now investigate the exact circumstances and only then decide on further action. Serbia’s Branislav Ivanovic captain said his team wanted to continue playing. “But the Albanian players found themselves physically and mentally unable to do so. It is unfortunate that football today was not in the foreground. “Serbian media reported that on Tuesday evening, a known hooligan had run onto the pitch. His name is Ivan Bogdanov. It also calls him Ivan the Terrible. He was involved in the 2010 riots that led to the demolition of Genoa in European Championship qualifying match Italy-Serbia.Then the ultra-leader went to prison. Another Hooligan roared on Tuesday lustily into the camera: “Vucic, you gay.” Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic had recently and for the first time approved a gay parade in Belgrade for years. Earlier removals were gonna be bloody. (Tagesanzeiger.ch/Newsnet)




2 thoughts on “Chanting: “Kill, kill the Albanians”

  1. If those chants truly occurred and were widespread, there should be punishment for Serbia. However, i have not seen a single video confirming the widespread use of the chants, or any use of the chants. As such, it is mere speculation and 1st person testimony from clearly biased participants. Knowing the region, i am suspicious that these accusations are merr nationalistic propaganda. I will stand corrected and apologize should video evidence emerge, but i have seen none thus far. That said, the flying of such an incendiary and offensive flag was bound to create havoc. From the video i have seen, i saw several serbian players shielding the albanian players, anf truthfully, the original violence was instigated first by the ultra-nationalist flag, and then by the albanian players trying to recover the flag. There is no need for such inflammatory nationalistic politics to enter football. Again, i ask for video proof of thr existence of such chants, proving they were widespread and universal, let alone in existence at all. I do not trust the mere words of ultra nationalist players with obvious bias.

    Posted by Zach Brust | October 16, 2014, 9:54 pm

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