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War Crimes

Remove Serbia candidate status for EU


Provided for in the EU: – Put an end to violence and violation of human rights against Albanians. 

By Ermira Babamusta, Ph.D.

Petition: Remove Serbia candidate status for the EU; to end violence and violations of human rights against Albanians
by Ermira Babamusta, Ph.D.


I call all Albanians to contact governors and higher organs of the international community as the UN, EU, ​​NATO, etc. with this petition , signed in your name and address.

USA and the international community must precede in emergency cases of human rights violations against ethnic Albanians today.

On 14 October 2014, 45 Albanian citizens were arrested in Belgrade Airport, including Albanian Ambassador, Mr.. Ilir Bocka. A group of journalists, businessmen and officials from Albania, the first trip to Serbia-Albania game was stopped in the afternoon, because Albania was traveling with a scarf national representative. Serbian authorities gave no explanation airport and detained without legal basis 45 Albanians. This is in direct violation of Article 2, 7, and 9 of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man. This diplomatic scandal soon acarua abuses against human rights to Albanians by Serbian acts of violence during the football game.

We are deeply concerned that experienced a game, which reflected the state of war, where 5,000 Serbian police forces with Serbian national security forces, surrounded the stadium “Partizan” in Belgrade, 14 October 2014, which did not allow any Albanian passport into the stadium. This level is probably unprecedented event in world history. Serbian Football Federation besides other constituents discrimination has:

(1) denied entrance tickets and Albanians from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, etc.;

(2) stop trip to our National team “Red and Black” travel associated with Albanian fans.These rules are racist, adopted from Serbia, are in violation of the rules of UEFA’s “Fair Play”, and do not promote unity and solidarity in football.

We are deeply disappointed that the Serbian police, team players Serb and Serbian fans attacked brutally three Albanian players in the locker room. In fact, the Serbian fans during the game players have hit directly Napa bottles, stones, chairs and fireworks. No official of the game, nor the Serbian police did not preclude acts of violence. Photos and videos published show a variety of occasions and threatening physical violence against the Albanian team, players and fans from Serbia, and by the same Serbian police force, which was tasked to implement security measures. Racist slogans “Kill the Albanians” by Serbian fans and players was also irresponsible. Serbia-Albania game was interrupted by English referee Martin Atkinson due to psychological and physical trauma inflicted on the Albanian team during the match in Belgrade.

These are serious violations of human rights, at a time when the European Union opened formal negotiations for membership Serbia’s EU Jan 21 2014 While these violations continue today, (1) thousands of Albanians in the Presevo Valley Albanians (Southern Serbia) have been arrested, toturuar, killed, and continue to outrage of human rights for decades; (2) tens of thousands of Kosovo Albanians were killed and persecuted by the Serbian authorities in campaigns of ethnic cleansing; (3) discrimination, of racism and violation of civil rights to ethnic Albanians in Macedonia (1 million Albanians), including the arrest of six Albanians life imprisonment without evidence and facts, which resulted in peaceful protests worldwide Albanians in America and Europe; (4) of racism and oppression of Albanians in Montenegro: forcible removal from their lands and denial of language learning and Albanian national simmboleve; (5) Greece, a member of the EU, today rejects human rights against the Cham Albanians: 300,000 in Albania, Albanian Orthodox 100,000 in the genocide, and over 200,000 in Europe and America; being denied the right to return the property, the right of return to the homeland, native language right, preventing the introduction of the Cham Albanians Albanian passport in genocide (Greece) to visual graves of ancestors and their properties; Greece has not yet removed the law absurd war with Albania. Also over 500,000 Albanians migrated to Greece, were denied the right of native language, employment, the national identitetetit, in many cases arrested and killed without reason. From 1998-2002, 502 children disappeared from the Albanian Roma Children’s Institute in Athens, “Aghia Varvara,” in violation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child protection in the interest of peace, democracy and human rights , we ask you:

Take urgent measures against persons responsible Serb, who committed acts of violence and physical abuse against Albanian players in the game held in Belgrade. We ask UEFA to remove Serb and penalize players who broke the rules of UEFA, and violently attacked Albanian players.
We call on the Serbian government to dismiss the Serbian police did kunda team Albanian police brutality, and criminally punish.
We ask the European Commission to lift Serbia candidate status for EU membership, should take measures for violations of human rights of the Albanians living in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece. We ask the United Nations to establish a mandate for human rights, to protect ethnic Albanians in these territories. To implement the Ohrid Framework Agreement (2001), where ethnic Albanians are not treated as second class citizens.

I ask the American Congress to create a bill that provides financial assistance and support to the needs and rights of Albanians in the world (15 million ).
Serbian government be pressed with letters and meetings and statements: (1) recognition of Kosovo’s independence;(2) Serbian public apology to the people of Kosovo crimes; (3) and give reparations of war atrocities.

Demand that American foreign policy, as always, precede to protect Albanians, in cooperation with the EU and the international community. The Albanian people is historically peaceful, freedom-loving, who advocated European civilization throughout the centuries, and the only people in the world to be saved  Jews from Hitler’s regime in World War II; today it is pressed and raped people.

Please satisfied these requirements, they are good in stability and peace in the Balkans and Europe.

To: Barack Hussein Obama, President of United States
Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations
European Commission: Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) Department; and Enlargement Department (ELARG)
Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO
Michel Platini, President of UEFA
Robert Menendez, Chairman of the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

– See more at: http://gazetadielli.com/te-hiqet-statusi-kandidat-i-serbise-per-ne-be/#sthash.lefFaZHR.tv1mY4Ni.dpuf


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