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War Crimes

Witness of Kosovo guerillas Trial Attorney blames EU

A witness in the trial said cell ‘Drenica Group’ Kosovo Liberation Army accused of attacks on prisoners of war, that an EU prosecutor that he had paid bribes to falsify his testimony.

BIRN – Mitrovica

EULEX_logoThe protected witness code-named ‘F’ on Tuesday retracted incriminating testimony about the defendant who made the high-profile trial, claiming that a former EULEX prosecutor had offered bribes to give false testimony under the name of his.

Witness F said former courthouse in Mitrovica that EULEX prosecutor Maurizio Salustro what he had written in the statement.

“Salustro answered this in order to fulfill the promises to me,” the witness said.
Asked by the judge what he promised Salustro, F witness replied: “He told me he would take me abroad, and that would help in the recovery of the wife who is suffering from cancer. ”

Former Ambassador to Tirana and Kosovo both former commander of the Kosovo security forces, Sulejman Selimi, together with the mayor of Skenderaj, Sami Lustaku
and five other ex-fighters are on trial on charges of torture and mistreatment of prisoners at center Likovac detention in 1998.

Witness F, a former prisoner in Likovac, said some of the defendants had handled it well while in prison, unlike what was written in his statement by EULEX prosecutor.

Asked whether he was arrested by one of the defendants, by Ismet Hajia, as stated in his statement, the witness replied: “No, I have not ever seen this man”.
trial continues Wednesday.




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