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War Crimes

Two Kosovo Serbs acquitted Rape During War

The High Court in Pristina released two Kosovo Serbs who were accused of raping a 16-year-old ethnic Albanian during the war in April 1999.

Petrit Collaku – BIRN – Pristina
Two suspects, former Serb policemen from Priluzje Jovica Dejanovic and father Djordje Bojkovic Most were acquitted of rape, their lawyer said Thursday.

“The high court ruled properly that comply with the laws in Kosovo,” said lawyer Bojkovic Miodrag Brkljac BIRN.

Dejanovic told Serbian media that the case against them was fabricated.

“I had black hair when he was jailed and grizzly came out of suffering. The whole affair was staged and witnesses were false, “said Dejanovic, InSerbia news website reported.

Bojkovic claimed that the purpose of their investigation was expelling Serbs.

“I experienced a continuous trauma … is a known fact that their goal was to eliminate us from our land centuries,” he said according InSerbia.

EULEX police arrested Dejanovic and Bojkovic in September 2012 on suspicion of raping a Kosovo Albanian victim was 16 years old at the time when the incident occurred on April 14, 1999.

But the court released them in April 2013 because there was no evidence except for allegations that they had committed the crime.

The two were arrested again in June of this year because the appeals court overturned the decision and sentenced to 10 years in prison DEJANOVIĆ and Bojkovicin 12 years. They brought the case to the high court that gave freedom.




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