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Kosovar politician who promotes Islam is Serbian envoy services

Kosovar Intelligence has analyzed several documents Ramiqi figure. It claims that Ramiqi is recruited Serbian Counter (SPC) and that even today continues to work in the interest of organizations that work SOC inherited ‘it, but now with the new agenda. It raised doubts about his role in the FARC and the favorite at the moment. “Ramiqi favorite drink is a small cappuccino”, said among others the following document which owns Express newspaper.

Successful Military Counterintelligence agent and Serbian (SOC), but has so far failed politician.
Thus describes Kosovo Ramiqi intelligence, a controversial person, former official at least two parties, independent candidates, and the hard line now lobbying for the rights of Muslims in Kosovo and the second face of the Islamic party in the country, party lisbet.
“It is believed that Ramiqi is recruited by SPC since the early 90s … it has enabled staff Ramiqi military activity by SPC were: Zdravko Tolimir, Dragan Stojmenovic (Mlekce) and Simon Tomanova, deputy supervisor of the SOC Vasiljevic Aleksadër thing “, said in some analytical documents Ramiqi figure which has provided Express newspaper.
“Ramiqi believed that even today continues to be linked with the Serbian military structures inherited SOC; VOA … as VBA or. But now the activity continues to this myth as defense organiz values ​​of Islam “.
In these analytical intelligence documents as evidence for Kosovo regarding his mention raising his career, especially the positions he held in the army in the Autonomous Province of Western Bosnia.This province is also known as “Country of Fikret Avdic”, a controversial figure for the Bosnian people, to which, according to these documents, Ramiqi was promoted to captain topping delegated by the SOC where the task was building service counter the “State of Fikret Abdiqit”.
Ramiqi, a Kosovar public figure, intelligence remains suspicious as anyone who works connected with structures inherited connections SOC for the fact that he was married to a Bosnian woman and he continues to hold meetings that regular people to remain slaves of the state structures of the Serbian state in Kosovo (owns newspapers names).

Erdogan Ramiqi car?

For Ramiqi figure, now is building a party that did not participate in local elections, but is preparing for the introduction of powerful political scene in Kosovo next national elections, the country’s intelligence raises doubts for his contribution Forces Armed Republic of Kosovo (FARK).
Ramiqi, now is the contact person for verification by the veterans committee, only a portion of FARK soldiers, a military formation created by the Kosovo government in exile Bujar Bukoshi, said that the key was suspiciously. For state structures remains a moot point when Ramiqi, according to them, the visit of Turkish Prime penultimate, Reccep Tayyip Erdogan, who drove the car to the latest official from Prizren, in return, to the Airport “Adem Jashari “.
Intelligence believes that Ramiqi continues to maintain strong ties with the Iranians, and as mentioned contact point a governmental organizatëjo named “Kosovo” in Prizren and its association with an imam of the Islamic Community of Kosovo, Mazllum Mazllumi, the m entioned earlier as controversial imam.

Where was Ramiqi Ahmet Krasniqi was killed?

Intelligence claims that the facts in hand he swore in front of the FARC and the Bukoshi defense minister, Ahmet Krasniqi, just one day before the assassination attempt against the latter.
Surprisingly, “I never realized that was where he was Ramiqi day he was killed Ahmet Krasniqi,” reads the document that owns Express newspaper.
Later, intelligence believes that Ramiqi was promoted to assistant Bicaj and continue to be associated with Nabi Rexha, cousin Abedin Rexha – Commander Sandokanit. Nabi Rexha was appointed as chief of military intelligence in the FARC, a position that would m after his shadowy Rame Maraj, a political adviser to former President Ibrahim Rugova.

Failed political career Ramiqi.

Kosovo intelligence Ramiqi so far remains a failed politician. He was one of the creators of the Justice Party, the first party, according to intelligence, with some parts of the Islamic line program from which he departed in 2004.
DP currently led by the Minister of Health, Ferid Agani. They claim since it was expelled, and then he continued as an independent candidate, in the race for the Assembly of the race for mayor of Viti, which failed. Ramiqi the 2010 elections came as LDK candidate for deputy, but also failed this time, intelligence estimates.
It will also prove the NGO world, but not initially Movement “Join”, which later became the party, the party now lisbet. He listed the Kosovo NGO figures also as the founder of the NGO “Kosovo Muslim Forum”, which are also co-founder Ismet Salkovic, Mihria Salkovic, Zahi Ibrahimovic, Faik Ibrahim Halil Miftari. He later began public activity in defense of the values ​​issue Islamic Movement “Join”, which lobbied for sharing a piece of land in Pristina to build a larger mosque, preferably opposite the Cathedral, evaluated intelligence reports.
The other issue for which lobbied “Join” the Ramiqi was right for m bud Islamic women in public schools. Intelligence believes that the country is the main Ramiqi lisbet party, even though he is not even named its chairman in creation or in its first assembly. They believe that this party Ramiqi THROUGH jet will continue performing its obligations has both recruited by SOC.
Although lisbet enjoys a certification by the Central Election Commission (CEC) estimates that intelligence had evidence to reject their application for registration as a political entity. Even now estimate that the certificate can be taken primarily on behalf of their stances against Kosovo’s constitutional order.
Intelligence has also made an analysis of the development of lisbet party, they see only as Ramiqi party. Believe that in the future they will open offices across Kosovo, and how to start will use for these purposes imams ICK, belonging to radical Islam electricity.
Express Newspaper published these days has an interview with Shefqet Krasniqi, imam of the Grand Mosque in Pristina and professor of Islamic Studies Faculty s (FSI), which described how intelligence very close associate of Ramiqi.
In this interview, Krasniqi said that lisbet’s leaders are consulting with, and consulted with his connections imams from the organization inherited SOC work, his suspicions to the FARC, especially in his absence on the day he was killed Ahmet Krasniqi.
For that believes that there are facts, and they know well his image as that described premises where it stick. Intelligence believes he knows so well that finally writes that “Ram favorite drink iqit is’ small cappuccino”
Retrieved from Newspaper Express


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