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KEDS No Money to Increase the Import of Electricity

KEDS no money to increase the import of electricity

Company for Electricity Distribution – KEDS, has admitted that financial difficulties faced are one of the reasons that can not import electricity greatly when there is a lack of it.
During the winter, when consumption is greater need from 1200 to 1400 megawatt hours of electricity to meet consumer needs. Meanwhile, KEK is currently producing 400 megawatts and the rest is imported.
Meanwhile, KEDS is hoping that KEK will remedy the defect that is caused by the explosion at power plant “Kosova A” and normalize the situation.

KEDS spokesman, said Guri Shkodra is financially unsustainable recovered large quantities of imports.
“Financially it will be difficult because expectations are based on plans that provide smaller amounts of imports and this is reflected in tariffs, “says Shkodra Tribune newspaper.
He says that during the winter electricity demand could reach 1,400 megawatts and according to him, if KEK does not increase productive capacity, it is hard tocover import more than 50 percent .




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