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It was the holy month of Ramadan, when 16-year-old DI, from Viti, whose name is known to the editor bone TV Rrokum, had decided to go to Syria to terrorist groups joined ISIS’s.


The 16-year-old had decided to quit the high school, he was attending, in grade 10, to take the path of jihad.

Rrokum TV has to ensure the minor’s heinous confessions were given to investigators the Kosovo Police. He was picked up by police in August on Airport “Adem Jashari” in Pristina, while trying to fly to Istanbul, on his way to Syria.

Facebook was the social network, through which the young man had got in touch with some people who were instructed him on how to get to Syria.

Two months after the beginning of contact with the suspects through Facebook, 16-year-old had decided to go to one of the travel agencies in the year, which would take him to Istanbul.

“With these people I started to communicate with two men on Facebook. Mainly my interest was how you go to Syria, “said DI.
In his statement to the police, the juvenile said they had been his, until the ticket was issued. His goal was that after arriving in Istanbul, the contact with the two suspects who had two months to contact Facebook, and they give you information on how to arrive to Syria.

“The purpose of my trip to Istanbul has been first you go to Istanbul, and not after you go to Syria, for of fighting. So my goal was to go to the Jihad, “said the child.

The juvenile has confessed before police investigators that a year ago was only 15 years old, when he departed with religious rites practiced.
He also has shown that only lives with grandmother his daughter and brother-grandmother, in bad economic conditions.

A minor, until the police statement gave he had started crying, not being able to continue his statement further.
Meanwhile, KNOW it’s not the case. The only example that has attempted to attach or were you are together, the terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

Many Kosovars are not only attached to such terrorist groups, but also took their families.

So far in Kosovo, including the recent case of the Imams, on suspicion of involvement in terrorist acts, have been arrested more than 60 people.




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