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Molliqaj: American Embassy understands that the solution for Kosovo is VV

Secretary Vetevendosje Molliqaj Dardan, said the American Embassy in Pristina have realized that unification is the best solution for Kosovo.

According to him, Vetevendosje has requested meetings with all embassies in Pristina, but only American has refused to meet with leaders VV’së reasoning that do not have time.

Molliqaj Coalition has numbers, list “Srpska” in Government

Vetevendosje activist, Dardan Molliqaj, said the coalition regarding LDK-AAK-INITIATIVE has numbers and principles.

He said that the list “Srpska” will be in government because so required by the Constitution.

Molliqaj, attempted to defend the principles of Vetevendosje, saying now that the coalition with opposition parties is a strategic goal of the Party that Albin Kurti.

Meanwhile, he said on Thursday there was a very large operation but harmful for Kosovo in case of postponement of the inaugural session.

According to him, the session has requested deferred Belgrade and has adopted PDK’ja.

Molliqaj PS said that is unacceptable to Belgrade demands accepted by Serbia.

“Belgrade implements DCP orders,” said Molliqaj, we Klan Kosova.

Molliqaj spoke about LDK-AAK coalition-INITIATIVE, saying that it was for the interest of the state of Kosovo.

This VV’së official said that their involvement in the government’s guarantees for Kosovo Serbs, who have no crime.





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