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Pending Decision on Increase of Electricity

KEDS copyThe final decision regarding the price of energy at the request of KEK and KEDS, Friday is expected to give the Board of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO).

The Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) has announced that the ERO experts have analyzed all comments received on the initial assessment presented in the review report.

“The conclusion of the experts is that ERO comments received have not affected the initial assessment, where it is estimated that a proper supply of electricity will be provided with a revenue growth of 18.5% maximum allowed, value that which would reflect the rising cost of electricity imports in the maximum income public electricity suppliers ” , say officials of the ERO.

The final decision in this regard is expected to be taken by the ERO Board, at its meeting to be held tomorrow, August 29, 2014 with.

However, the increase of the demand for electricity by KEK and KEDS, civil society is considered unacceptable and which will further complicate the lives of the citizens of Kosovo.

Although, in comments to the extraordinary tariff review KEDS sent to the ERO among other things that the best scenario presented by KEK in which TCA4 and TCA5 expected to return to operation in December 2014, is estimated the import cost will be 27.2 million euros, including emergency imports.

Further stated that since Kosovo does not reserve capacity, KEDS in his application has provided emergency import of 75 GWh for certain circumstances and time, which may be necessary due to unplanned outages of generating units, so ESCR requires ERO not reduce the amount of import emergency. Wholesale costs including other components of the public supplier costs submitted by ERO in consultation report are 12.4 million euros.


While the comments KEK KEK reportedly sent to the ERO document the damages caused by the accident (explosion).

“According to the report the committee reviewed professional and energy balance of the value of total damage caused is over 12% of the maximum allowed revenue, damages have reduced the production of electricity by about 446 GWh balance with worth about 12 million euros in damages units and A4, A5, electrolysis and auxiliary buildings around 7 million euros “.

KEK says that this amount is not final as expected in the following days defektazha and reviews by specialized companies in this field.

KEK further says that to achieve maximum allowed revenues approved by ERO in the amount of 139.5 million euros KEK remaining period should realize production – in KEDS sale in the amount of 56.5 million euros.

For the period from September to December 2014, that in order to realize KEK maximum income allowed, approved by ERO for production – the planned sale of electricity under the revised balance of 2014, revenues Planned are 59 million euros, of which this can be accomplished, according to the commentary, the price for capacity should be (€ 27.16 / MW / h), and energy (€ 11.64 / MWh).

But in comments Kosovar Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development (KOSID) stated that the increase of electricity tariffs were made as a result of government mismanagement, KEK and KEDS. The whole report is being called into extraordinary events, but KOSID, assesses the state of emergency has been only 2-3 weeks after the outbreak of TPP Kosovo A, A3 has since become applicable immediately after 2-3 weeks and so is exceeded emergency situation.

KOSID believes that the failure of the Government, political board and management KEK is loaded Kosovo citizens.

“Consultation always refers extraordinary event but never mentioned that the fee will apply only to overcome the” crisis “. Therefore KOSID thinks Increase of price is becoming the pretext of emergency situation, but with permanent effect. The sum of 7 million requested by KEK to remedy this situation, in fact to cover increased salaries KEK workers who became illegally from Thaci’s government before the elections “, assesses the KOSID- .



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