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Islamic radicalism and ideological loyalties of “Vetevendosje”


“Self-Determination Movement “came out with the attitude that Islamic extremism is not the problem in Kosovo, but the problem is they are talking about, the media, government and police who made the arrests. There is nothing surprising in this position. Taking maintain such an attitude “Self-determination” were just consistently respects its ideological beliefs. “

Delayed reaction and certainly unlike the “Vetevendosje” to recent arrests of elements of Islamic radicalism in Kosovo, many of whom raised eyebrows. “Self-Determination Movement” came out with the attitude that Islamic extremism is not the problem in Kosovo, but the problem is they are talking about, the media, government and police who made the arrests.

There is nothing surprising in this attitude. By holding such an attitude “Self-determination” were just consistently respects its ideological beliefs. In matters dealing with international politics and religion in between, those who care about ideological beliefs in this political entity seems to have always maintained a clear line leftist.

This is consistent with the basic idea of ​​”self-determination”, which is the so-called “left nationalism” (Left-wing nationalism).

Two fundamental principles of nationalism and national self-determination left are anti-imperialism. According to the first principle, people should be the ones who put themselves in everything for themselves. The very name “Self-Determination” contains this principle explicitly.

According to the second principle, in all international conflicts that involved the great powers have to do with their efforts to colonial rule and exploitation of poor countries, so therefore rely principle requires that those who are supposed to constitute the party’s poor, the exploited and oppressed. The second principle says that the causes of evil should not seek mosque in Mosul where xhidad calls for ISIS Khaleefah’s, but in Washington, London or Paris.

Almost all policies of “self-determination” derive from these two principles, in this case dealing with the issue of religion. And even within that its refusal to support the law prohibiting Kosovo citizens to participate in foreign wars. These principles explain the fact why have chilled relations between the American Embassy in Pristina and the Self-Determination Movement.

Watching the global context in left circles, especially the extreme, has always been a sense of tolerance and solidarity against Islamic radicalism. This among others is explained by the fact that the Left thinkers have always been inclined to think that the problem of religion and religious conflict is just a manipulative quiz that is done in order to hide class and economic conflicts in different societies.

The ideologues of “self-determination” seems to have acquired so completely dogmatic view. Self Albin Kurti in an interview a few months before the VCT compared with the situation in Kosovo to Iraq. In his sectarian conflict in Iraq are driven by the American colonial rulers, who, according to him, was picking and grinduni Arabs say about who protects the right interpretation of the Quran, while we are take your oil.

A situation, similar to the premises, according to Kosovo Kurti have: when I want to plunder the wealth of Kosovo through privatization, in order for this to pass in silence, rulers national and international concern of religion. You have to deal with a Shefqet Irfan Salih Krasniqi, and we will get it, for example, Trepca. Logically this means that the sectarian and terrorist suicide ISIS it being bloody Iraq appears not to be the killer, but victims of a colonialist plan to steal Iraqi oil. While here in Kosovo types of work as a Zekiria Cazimi Irfan Salihu, there are people who call for violence and intolerance, but people manipulated under a plan to rob Kosovo. Such are the consequences of dogmatic thinking and schematic.

Dogmatic obsession of the left is that for all the evils from the earth is guilty of liberal capitalism, of capitalism as the guardian of this are the United States, it appears that they are precisely the source of evil. At this point Islamist anti-Americanism anti-Americanism meets leftist. Ideological touches then naturally create the feeling of mutual solidarity.

Being slaves to this dogma many leftist thinkers at the time of the NATO bombing campaign on Serb military targets in 1999 Milosevic was lined side thinking that this is making a fight against American imperalizmit while Kosovo Albanians were massacred.It is worth mentioning here the three most well known: the American linguist Noam Chomsky, French philosopher Alain Badiou Maoist ideologue and former communist movements in Latin America, Frenchman Regis Debray. The latter, even, in May 1999 under Serbian police escort had made a visit to Kosovo “to prove to the western world and French President Newsnight that Kosovo is not occurring crimes against Albanians”. Debray’s case shows the power of dogma, power that sometimes blinds and not let them see the facts even when you sight.

How can we explain the scheme of anti-imperialists facts such as the American intervention in Kosovo to save a people from the fascist regime of Milosevic and now also American intervention in northern Iraq to escape religious minority from the ravages of terrorists ISIS- it?

You could say the anti-imperialists, to save us then robbed us. Perhaps the anti-imperialist comrades! We have learned that imperalistët never feel good! Even when they do the trick well, so let Milosevic to rid Kosovo of Albanians and ISIS-in to eliminate from the earth’s most ancient religion of Islam and Christianity. Cause matter, not human lives, or not!




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