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Prosecution seeks custody for Qazim Zekiria imam and Liridon Kabashi

Foto: Express

Hoxhe Zekiria Kazimi and Liridon KABASHI allegedly committing offenses “recruitment for terrorism and inciting hatred, discord or intolerance national, racial, religious or ethnic.

Their case has nothing to do with the arrests of 42 people suspected of terrorism.

Request Prosecution spokeswoman confirmed Liridona Kozmaqi.

Attorney Courage Suad case has just reached the Supreme Court building to represent the request for custody before the Court while the trial judge is the EULEX’i.

“You inform the prosecutor of the case (the local prosecutor), the Special Prosecutor of the Republic of Kosovo, yesterday, 08/14/2014, has made a request for detention against those arrested Mr. Q, from Gnjilane, K and L. by Skenderaj.ZQ and LK allegedly committing offenses, “Recruitment for terrorism”, under Article 139 of the CCK, “Organizing and participating in a terrorist group”, under Article 143 of the CCK, “Incitement of hatred, national discord or intolerance, racial, religious or ethnic “, under Article 147 of the CCK,” The impetus for the commission of acts of terrorism “, under Article 141, the CCK and” preparation of terrorist acts or crimes against the constitutional order and security of the Republic of Kosovo by Section 144 of the CCK “said Kozmaqi Express.

“Demand for detention is delivered in the Basic Court in Ferizaj and hearing is being held now, the scope of the Supreme Court.

These two suspects are not dealing with the case of the 42 people arrested, but another case, which has been in business in the first half of this year, involving Jetemir Kyqyku defendant, who was appointed under house arrest, and the defendant: Sadat Topojani, Ballazhi source and Ilir Berisha, who have been assigned detention, “said she.

Even Liridon KABASHI from Skenderaj Court

These moments brought before the Court is Liridon Kabashi, who was arrested yesterday by Kosovo police under suspicion of terrorism.

Liridon KABASHI is brought to court a few hours after it was sent to the imam from Gjilan Zekerija Kazimi.


EULEX takes the “hand” imam Zekerija Qazim (Photo)

Hoxha arrested yesterday in Gnjilane Zekerija Kazimi is being investigated by the same prosecutor that the case of terrorist suspects from Kaçaniku and only session for ordering the detention measure has today run an EULEX judge.

Sources of the newspaper “Zeri”, close to the case suggest that Kazimi and yesterday Arrested in Skenderaj Polac Liridon KABASHI is part of the same case where the Topojani Sedat, Ballazhi source, Jetemir Kyçyku Ilir Berisha.

The Katrin were arrested a few weeks ago while the investigation of this case has led local prosecutor Suad Special Courage. As a local prosecutor investigated these four persons, the trial judge was appointed a judge of EULEX.

“Because they are part of the same case, EULEX judge today has led to setting session or not the detention measure against two other suspects,” sources informed the newspaper “Zeri”.

The decision on whether or not the detention setting, is expected to be taken today

Imam of Masjid Al-Kuddus Gjilan Zekerija Kazimi, and Liridon KABASHI Polac village of Skenderaj were arrested Thursday morning by the Kosovo Police on suspicion of the same offense have their heads against the constitutional order and security in Kosovo.

They are suspected of terrorist recruitment work, organizing and participating in a terrorist group, inciting hatred, discord or intolerance national, racial, religious or ethnic./ Zeri /

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