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“Kulla e Jetimit” in Prevalla being used for Jihadist Meeting with Imams

“Kulla e Jetimit” (Tower of Orphans) in Prevalla, has been the meeting point of a group of imams in Kosovo. Representatives from several organisations including a lecturer from Saudi Arabia and Imams from Macedonia and Albania.  

At these meetings they would hold lectures and training for Jihadists to go and fight in Syria. It has been suspected that the Kosovo Islamic Community (KIC) leader Naim Tërrnava has been linking with representatives of other organisations to recruit fighters to send to Syria. There are also a number of women in this network.

The newspaper Zeri has provided information and files, which they have gathered through investigations dealing with incitement, hatred, discord, organising terrorist groups and terrorist recruitment.

The Police and the Prosecutor’s Office, has the names of 240 suspects, which shows the extent of extremism. The list  also includes the names of imams, who have now taken over the major mosques in the country.

“For those imams, data already stored in the police intelligence, videos, photos and their links with groups that have traveled to Syria through Turkey,” announced this source.

Several places throughout Kosovo, where meetings were held for the recruitment of young people into Syria, the place of meeting of “leaders” was their “Kulla e Jetimit” Prevalla, which is closed days ago by the Police.

“There are imams  from Macedonia and Albania, representatives of organizations from Saudi Arabia, suspected to have close connections to Kosovo imams, often a group of young people who have returned from Syria to increase the number of supporters”.

Photos provided by newspapers meetings are in “Kulla e Jetimit”, lectures, training, where participants were representatives Arabs, among them Ibrahim Bin Yahya Al Yahya, trainers from Saudi Arabia.

“In those meetings was another supporting them from outside, Hysejn Sarragji, who has worked in the foundation” Waqf Al Islami “, but was expelled from Kosovo”, said the source. The media earlier reported that the foundation “Waqf Al Islami” for years has funded mosques of the Islamic Community in Kosovo, and that it at the same time remains on the list of organizations suspected of terrorism by the Kosovo Intelligence.

The network was expanded by Kaçaniku

It is learned that initially the network has been orchestrated by a group of Macedonia, which has begun to stretch in Kosovo, more actively after 2007.

“Based on the data we have, in 2007 the imam, Musli Verbani in Kaēanik was attacked by a group of extremists, which has been about groups in Macedonia, who torched a car after the imam tried to enter the mosque, by these dangerous groups. The imam then is taken out by the decision of the Islamic Community of Kosovo. From 2007 extreme currents penetration has grown significantly from this municipality, because of light penetration from Macedonia, “confirms the source for the newspaper.

He announced that there is ample evidence that failed imams, preach in several municipalities. Meanwhile, the list of organizations suspected, but do not have clear evidence of the origin and use of funds.

Today the ban expires measures for jihadists

Trial judge, Vehbi Kashtanjeva, along with his staff have reviewed the file of 40 persons suspected of terrorism, but all day Wednesday (yesterday) have failed to issue a decision about whether or not the detention assignment to their .

President of the Court of Prishtina, Hamdi Ibrahim, confirmed the “Zeri” of the number of defendants is huge and despite the work done Wednesday night, the decision was not taken and the same will be taken on Thursday, when the term of detention expires in 48 hours, assigned by the judge Kashtanjeva during the day on Tuesday, when the hearing ended, which was held for the police to ban certain detainees.

Since all of the defendants during the session, which lasted about six hours, have denied that they are part of terrorist organizations and the ISIS “Al-Nusrat” -That and supports these organizations have been fighting in Syria.

Prosecutor says it has evidence

Special Prosecutor, Blerim Isufaj, claims it has evidence that the detainees have been in Syria. On this basis, the prosecutor filed his request that the defendants be assigned detention and suspicion that the defendant committed the crime of “organizing and participating in terrorist groups,” the crime of “inciting divisive” or “impatience national, racial, religious or ethnic” crime “recruitment for terrorism” of some of the detainees also the crime of “unauthorized ownership, control, possession or use of weapons.”

These offenses have all rejected the defense of 40 suspects, who have objected to the respective authors prosecutor’s request for the appointment of the detention measure.

While the Court is discussing the objections of defense attorneys and defendants, but the request of the prosecutor, the defense of the defendants on Wednesday have called illegal decision issued by Judge Kashtanjeva, according to which the defendants have been ordered by the ban.

The suspects are treated separately

Attorney, Admir Salihu, says that in this case there are multiple defendants, but they are not suspected to have acted in complicity and as such the case should be treated separately for each suspect.

Chairman, Hamdi Ibrahim, has clarified on the other hand it is true that they are not suspected of having committed acts in complicity and precisely on this basis, the trial judge has issued orders to ban all defendants separately the not one for all.

But everyone’s case according to him, is being reviewed and a decision will be taken on Thursday when it will expire the halt.

Otherwise, 40 people were arrested on Monday morning after a Kosovo police action throughout the territory of Kosovo.

On the day of the arrest, except those arrested are also seeking 17 other people, who are suspected of similar offenses, but they have failed to arrest.

Prosecution has warned that new arrests are expected and among those arrested maybe imams.

Source in Albanian



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