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VETËVENDOSJE Supporting Terrorism?

VETËVENDOSJE – The Party for Self Determination. The party that believe the Kosovars should chose their leader and be able to run the country without interference from outside.

Today they have totally contradicted themselves in a statement which calls for a leader of another country to be deposed even though he was democratically elected in an election which had 73% turnout and an 88% majority. The Syrian people have spoken, when they elected President Bashar Assad as President for another term this year. It is up to the Syrian people who they have leading them not VV.

The Syrians did not go to vote with a gun to their head, they voted for their leader they had been supporting since the war on Syria began 3 years ago. The same President who has been fighting Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorist for the past 3 years. The same terrorists who committed acts of butchery and then try to blame it on government forces, even though most of the deaths came from the army itself in the first year.

Today VV came out with the statement below, in support of  the terrorists fighting in Syria:

“VETËVENDOSJE! considers that Bashar al-Assad, president of Syria, is to be deposed dictator from power, but not because it is Shiite, but because he is a dictator“.

Well VV why don’t you give some evidence for your statement and is a bit rich coming from from a political party whose elections only had a 43% turn out and still no clear leader.

Does VV think the Syrian people are so stupid, that they have a leader killing them and they don’t know it. Hasn’t VV cottoned on yet that the war in Syria was orchestrated by Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, Turkey and USA.

It is a sad day when VV comes out in support of terrorism. Even though VV condemn Albanians going to Syria to fight, they have made their position quite clear, on who they are supporting and it is not Democracy.

It is obvious that VV do not seem to know what is going on outside of Kosovo and will give Kosovars a bad name in the world if they ever get elected. Or has this got something to do with Serbia? Is it because Serbia supports the Syrian Government, VV feels they must take the side of the opposition. Well the opposition is ISIS and that is who you are aligning yourselves with.




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