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Kosovars Suffer Due to Thaci’s Election Promise to Give all KEDS Staff a Pay Rise

Concerned about the increase in price of electricity

by Vigan Jedrashi – Zeri

Abdullah Azem from Pristina after the current debt paid in KEDS, while in a hurry to leave there, declined to speak on the issue of raising the price of electricity but angry said that what they are doing is unacceptable.

“Disaster, I do not know where to start towards to express anger towards these price increases, and the worst is that it will not stop there. Will rise again … so when there is state, “he said.

Another customer Agron Lepaja his anger against this phenomenon showed laughing saying that it’s all being done for personal gain of a few individuals.

“People in power have brought only work for personal gain privatized enterprises that are the backbone of the state. Now what the backs of the state supports us, people who committed payments, “he said.

While EI, who declined to give her name stricken in years, slowly climb the stairs to the coffers of KEDS, seemed to have lost faith that the attitudes of the people be heard.

“Who cares what I think. Still, as you are looking at, I am obliged to defer changes and dry up the money. No weight of common man comes here, “he said.

The commentators see economic issues as a major concern for citizens. Ibrahim Rexhepi by the Center for Strategic and Social Research, said the Increase of price of electricity except that damages the financial situation of every citizen, it is very possible to have the domino effect in other areas of everyday citizens, thus it difficult even still living.

“No doubt that each increase in the price of electricity is heavy and tough budget hits each citizen. It may have an impact on the rise of other items, mostly consumer. For this reason, Increase of price of electricity affects the impoverishment of the population. “Said Rexhepi.

He explained the reasons why prices rise in normal conditions, but in the latter case by raising its price is enormous and illogical.

“The price rise is mainly due to changing business conditions to operators, production and distribution, that is mainly due to the need to have for investment, or even to cover operating expenses. But recent growth is extraordinary. Operators, because they had no money, not managing to cover the lack of electricity, so they want to cover this lack partially customer. So, expensive electricity they provide over 12 million more than projections that had “Rexhepi said.

According to him the only mechanism which can not interfere with the continuation of the current rise in prices is the Energy Regulatory Office, as each adds, the intervention of state institutions (government, or assembly) represents interference in the freedom of the market.

“ERO upon the decision should also take into account the social moment of the population,” he said.

Justification notice ERO after the decision to raise prices was that “Following requests from KEK and KEDS due to the outbreak of the June 6 power plant” Kosova A “Energy Regulatory Office has proposed prices electricity increased by 18.5%. Increase of price shall be effected not later than October 1 “.




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