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VV Comment on Gaza


Lëvizja Vetëvendosje has reacted to developments in the Gaza Strip. According VV what is happening there, ‘is next massacre in the history of the Palestinian people, which has full 65 years that has not found justice and peace.’

Below you can read the full response VV’së.

The situation in Gaza is shocking not only for the Palestinian people but for the world.Palestinian media reports over 100,000 displaced from their homes, over 3,600 injured and over 635 killed, among them many children. This is the next massacre in the history of the Palestinian people, which has full 65 years that has not found justice and peace.In the Gaza Strip, which the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, had called the prison camp in the open air, going on a terrible humanitarian crisis that weighs on human consciousness around the globe.

Remember that in the history of the Albanian people knew him to stand alongside the Jewish people in his moments of the hardest during the Holocaust in World War II.Today is expected of the state of Israel to reflect through policies and measures that would immediately stop the repetition of such a crime against humanity, which today threatens the Palestinian people. Albanians have very clearly what it means to be a people occupied, oppressed and abused under the threat of extermination from your land. Therefore, and VETËVENDOSJE! feels a duty to raise voice against the recent massacre that is happening these days in Palestine, and in support of the Palestinian struggle for freedom.

Palestine is recognized today by 131 countries, while Kosovo is recognized by 106 countries, but the two countries are not members with full rights at the UN, on the pretext that they are sui generis case. Both countries seek justice and international recognition based on the principle of self-determination, while the two states labeled as sui generis, label it and others have decided that sometimes mistakenly use itself.Oppression and extermination of a people can only be sui generis methods, but not to the motive and purpose.

VETËVENDOSJE! Urges the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and Albania to raise their voices to oppose and stop this massacre, and to support the self-determination of the Palestinian people in all international organizations.

Source in Albanian



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