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EULEX – Rule of Law – Seriously???

EULEX – European Union Rule of Law Mission 

It is almost fourteen years since the war in Kosovo and EULEX has been in the country to make Rule of Law and what have they done NOTHING. They have let criminals run the government, they have done nothing about the corruption and nepotism in the government and it is because of EULEX that Kosovo is left with a political mess.
The Kosovo government is rife with criminals and EULEX know it and have done nothing against it. They allowed Thaci and his Mafia family get away with corruption and money laundering. The whole country knows what has been going on and this is the reason that nobody wanted to vote, because they know the elections are corrupt and Thaci would still get in. Which exactly what did happen, only he doesn’t have enough seats to rule.
The people of Kosovo are sick and tired of seeing criminals not being convicted and for this reason they think that EULEX is a complete waste of time, money and energy.
Now that they have totally messed up, EU is saying that it doesn’t care and let Kosovo clean up the mess that EULEX has created. The following story was published today by Epoka e Re.

“Thaçi s’e ka shumicën në Parlament”

EU diplomats have begun to worry about the insistence by any means PDK that they remain in power or to go to extraordinary elections and the behavior they see as harmful and long-term interests of Kosovo.
So they said “Daily Times” several senior diplomats of the member countries of the EU, reiterating that the EU has officially decided not to interfere and to let down the Kosovars to find a way out of this situation. “I do not know whether it is good or bad for Kosovo when EU pakkujt interested in what is happening there. Some countries do not want to get involved, some do not care at all. There worldwide and in the EU itself in so much trouble that very few have the time and energy to deal with Kosovo’s political games, “the newspaper said one EU diplomat, who follows good situation in Kosovo.
EU diplomats continue to insist that it will not interfere in the “internal affairs of Kosovo” and that “political structures rests with the people of Kosovo to establish institutions”.
But now, following recent developments in the Kosovo Assembly, in that order the PDK, despite the fact that she came in first in the election, someone else has secured a majority in the Assembly and the Assembly can not exist two majority, but only one.
“At one point Thaci and the PDK should understand that, whether we like it or not, they do not have a majority in Parliament, but it has provided the majority of someone else. The democratic world power is one that provides the majority in parliament, “said an EU diplomat, while the PDK order not to look parochial political interests, but the interests of Kosovo. (Koha.net)


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