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Exclusive: End of July will shake Kosovo Indictment for War Crimes, Organized Crime and Corruption!

The last week of July in Kosovo will be hot. In fact, as international sources in Pristina and Brussels have announced the Blic newspaper , in late July and throughout August, Kosovo will almost shaken as never before of after the 1999 war. This is because the expected increase Indictment and thus the arrests of former Ministers, former Ministers Deputies but also current and newly elected deputies to the new Assembly of Kosovo. Most of them are key figures and popular politics.

These sources have told the newspaper Blic on condition of anonymity to preserve their party leaders and especially Mr. Hashim Thaci already have clear signs of international visitors expected to resemble storm in Kosovo will be preceded by a test of the international community “in Kosovo finally decided to launch the rule of law”.

“Especially Mr. Thaci has a clear view of what his colleagues had not even run to the last election because the names had been on the table. His issue is how to choose them when problems arise indictments “was told this newspaper.

“On July 28, Attorney Williamson will present a report of investigations based on allegations of Mr. Marty. What we have done in Kosovo is that such time we coordinate with the Task Force, Mr.Williamson and based on the report will raise indictments in question which will be based on war crimes and organized crime, especially in and that based on the report of Mr.. Williamson who partially entitles Mr. claims. Marty especially when corruption and organized crime are in question, “said this source for the newspaper Blic .

The reason why this kind of internationals are being hastily over time is practical. From September to Kosovo will resemble the so-called transfer of power in many sectors of EULEX. Thus, investigation and judicial units will be transferred to most international powers have in Kosovo and the latter from mid-September will have only advisory roles as their colleagues from Kosovo.

If these charges are related to the current political situation in Kosovo is not known. Sources said they told the newspaper that “is working on an internal route which obviously done in coordination with our employers. And of course our employers are from politics “.

Otherwise expected tomorrow Constitutional Kosovo Assembly elected in the June 8. /



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