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US Send Another Woman to Help Thaci Form a Government – But at What Cost?

Will Isa Mustafa and Ramush Haradinaj sell out Kosovo and become “Puppets of the USA”

Victoria Nuland

Victoria Nuland

The US Embassy have announced that Assistant US Secretary Nuland  will visit Kosovo on Sunday for meetings with Hashim  Thaci, President Atifete Jahjaga, Isa Mustafa and Ramush Haradinaj as a last ditch attempt to get them to get them to form a coalition with Thaci so that they can keep their puppet in power.

Thaci who bought votes for the election and is accused of corruption and nepotism, is not wanted by the citizens of Kosovo. Since he has been Prime Minister, the population has been trying to fight the terrorist image he has imposed on them. He has done nothing but make himself and his family rich, while he reneged on promised pay rises, in the last election, making Kosovo the poorest country in Europe.


He has done nothing for Kosovo, but sell off the resources and do what he is told by the US. Kosovo cannot move forward while he is at the helm.

The USA are not interested in the people of Kosovo, they are only interested on getting their hands on the resources and are using Thaci to do this. Under selling KEK to the Turks, selling the airport to the Turks, which has resulted in more people travelling to Macedonia to fly, as airlines pull out of the airport. Corruption over the handling of the new motorway, involving ex American Ambassador Christopher Dell, who after getting the Betchell Corporation the contract, is now working for them.

Christopher Dell with Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci in 2009. Dell took joined Bechtel when he finished his career at the State Department. Photo: Office of the Kosovo PM

Christopher Dell with Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci in 2009. Dell took joined Bechtel when he finished his career at the State Department. Photo: Office of the Kosovo PM

It is routine for western ambassadors to push the business interests of companies from the countries they come from. But it is unusual for a former diplomat to land a job with a major corporation after using their sway to secure lucrative government contracts.

Christopher Dell, a career diplomat nominated by Barack Obama to represent the US in Pristina, was employed by the Bechtel Corporation, which he helped win a contract to build a highway to neighbouring Albania, which was also said to have involved corruption.

The corruption of these deals concerning Thaci, just keep going on and on. Nearly all the Americans who were involved with the independence of Kosovo now have been given contracts of the most valuable businesses.

Madeleine Albright has shares in IPCO telecommunications and then last year tried to buy out PTK until she pulled out, when there was such an outcry against it. General Wesley Clark, the former Commander of NATO forces in Kosovo now owns a coal mine there.

Wesley Clark has always been on friendly terms with Hashim Thaci, who in the 90s of the last century headed the Albanian mafia group that was involved in the smuggling of arms, drugs and human organs in Eastern Europe.

Hillary Clinton is after the minerals and will only be able to achieve this, if Hashim Thaci stays in power.

The only person who cares about Kosovo and is against any more privatisation is Albin Kurti and it is no surprise that Nuland does not want to meet with him on her visit to Kosovo. He was not even invited by the U.S. Embassy in Pristina days ago, marking the anniversary of U.S. independence.

Which is not surprising as the visit by Nuland, to Kosovo is obvious that the only intention is to protect US interests and to hell with the people who live here.

Now it remains to be seen if Isa Mustafa and Ramush Haradinaj cave in to what the US are going to offer them, to side with Thaci. Will they stand firm to their convictions or be paid to puppets of the US as Thaci has?




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