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Al Qaeda Terrorist Living in Kosovo, Building Mosques to Spread Fundamentalism

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Although runs an organization that once funded Al-Qaeda for four years and although no permit from the State of Kosovo, a doctor from Iraq, Abdur Rrezaq is continuing to hold and build mosques and do activities ‘humanitarian’ in Kosovo. MIA say they are dealing with this case, but the mechanism that allows the position, Kosovo-UNHCR, has no comment.

Abdur-Rrezaq no residence permit for four years by the State of Kosovo, but he continues to stay here. His organization, “Al-Waqfu Al-Islam”, according to an international report, has funded Al-Qaeda.

But the fact that the Kosovo government gave a permit has not prevented Abdur Rrezaqin to continue the construction of mosques in Kosovo and activities in Kosovo. He is using the right that guarantees UNHCR’ja.

He has received such status by UNHCR’ja that in 2002, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Kosovo, this status is recognized by 10 July of this year.

Express waited for more than a week for a response from UNHCR this case, but this mechanism did not comment.

According to the Law on Asylum in Kosovo, the competent authority or authorities responsible for deciding the status of asylum is the Department for Citizenship, Asylum and Migration (Asylum Division) of MPB’së, and in this case, this division is being MPB’së taken since June of this year and the case is under review, say MIA Express.

Karshi gave permission UNHCR, Abdur Rrezaq had received a residence permit in Government, which expired in 2010.

“As far as information from foreign Division within the Ministry” Abdur Rezaq, has a residence permit until 2010 and since then has not made a request for extension of residence permit, “says Express Information Office of the Ministry of Interior”.

Abdur-Iraqi Rrezaq is a doctor by profession, who at least know that Kosovo has come about in 2002, nearly a year before the Asian country in the fall of the Saddam regime Husjenit and replaced with the power of the Shiite majority in Iraq, Government that for the third term now being led by Nouri al-Maliki and now is a state with a considerable part of the territory occupied by terrorist organizations, the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS).

Express has tried to establish contact with Abdur Rrezaq and the organization he leads en Kosovo had contacts available in the register of NGO’s, but has failed.

Kosovo Rrezaq directs the organization “Al-Waqfu Al-Islam”, which, at least in the register of NGO’s to 2012 is not listed as registered NGOs in government, but as a person of a polyclinic named “Mecca “.

Despite this fact, “Al-Waqfu Al-Islam” until recently there has been a public office in the capital city until the Islamic Community of Kosovo have not ever hide cooperation with this NGO.

Express recently reported that the foundation “Al Waqf Al Islami” openly accused of being a supporter of terrorist groups, but nevertheless continues cooperation with BIK’un, the largest religious community in Kosovo by fives as know the laws of the country.

This organization has years BIK’ut builds mosques, a religious community that represents over 90% of the local population and now more than a decade (in order contested by opposing interior) headed by a former Deputy Minister Hashim Thaci , magistrate of Islamic sciences, Naim Trnava.

Finally foundation of “Al Waqf Al Islami” in a public ceremony with guest speaker Naim Tërnava inaugurated investments in “Mosque of Martyrs” in Prizren, a city where imams operates one  of the country’s most controversial, Mazllëm Mazllëmi.

At the ceremony were leaders of the Foundation “Al Waqf Al Islami” of Trnava had brought several members of the Presidency of BIK’ut.

Otherwise, kablogramet of U.S. embassies in Macedonia and the Netherlands said that “Al Waqf Al Islami” support members of terrorist organizations, but the name of one of its founders in the Netherlands has emerged as part of a list of 20 Arab businessmen who financed ” Al Kaida’në “.

In Kosovo “Al Waqf Al Islami” is the list of organizations suspected of spreading radical religious ideas Intelligence Agency, but, surprisingly, as “natural” a polyclinic with the name “Mecca” – registered as NGOs in the Government of Kosovo.

In a cable to the U.S. Embassy in Skopje, published by “WikiLeaks” saying that “Macedonia and the region has NGOs that provide support for individuals who have part or sympathize with terrorist groups. These NGOs include Al Waqf Al Islami, Al Haramein, and other charity. ”

While in Kosovo leader Abdur Rozzaq this organization, and one of its main leaders at the center, Ahmad Al Hussaini in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where the organization was created, has been one of the 20 largest Arab businessmen who financed the organization more great terrorist in the world, “Al-Qaeda”.

This means  the U.S. company’s report, JCB Concuslting, which the families of victims of the September 11 attacks in the U.S. was contracted to find those funding organization which until recently was led by Osama bin Laden, while groups created by this organization have now begun creating the so-called “Sunni Triangle” in Iraq and Syria.

“Al-Qaeda” has created groups like the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS or ISIL) The Throne “Al-Nusrat Xhabhatu”, the organization  for which Express has reported that they have in their midst, to the commanders of the Kosovo Albanian .

In Bulgaria, the leader of Al Waqf Al Islami in this country was arrested in the village in the southern city of Pazardzhik Sarnitsa, on suspicion that the activities of this organization are “serious threat to the security of Bulgaria”.

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