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PDK Fishing in LDK

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Following the decision of the Constitutional Court which has left open the possibility the president to mandate twice PDK, Hashim Thaci’s party has begun to “tails” in the party, Isa Mustafa as opportunities for joint government in the next term of government.

However, the opposition bloc parties that have signed agreements on how to share, as well as Albin party that look set to any option that will not talk with Hashim Thaci’s party for the new Government. Moreover, LDK, AAK, initiative and “Self-determination” are safer than ei Constitution decision has opened the next Government creating these political entities and that there will be no government “Thaci 3”.

Sources within the PDK confirm that all “energies” are already geared towards party Isa Mustafa as a good opportunity to create a partnership government, in kundrën source says will not concede until the end, or risk the country also go to new elections.

“We believe after a few days will shtensionohet situation and we will make LDK convince them to be part of the next Government. On the contrary, the PDK is not interested to do the “smuggling” of members of different political parties, although within them are beginning to show dissatisfaction with the agreement reached three political parties, the LDK, AAK and for co-governance initiative “said the senior PDK. According to him, the international community is concerned that the country has a strong and stable government (PDK-LDK) processes that would lead forward.

But opposition bloc parties that have signed the agreement, LDK, AAK and initiative, in a joint statement welcomed the decision of the Constitution, although note that their coalition would begin procedures for the establishment of the new government commensurate Court judgment constitutional.

“Coalition LDK, AAK Initiative is a coalition of a majority in the Parliament of Kosovo, so expect the Constitutional Court judgment in conformity with this coalition to begin procedures for the establishment of the new Government of the Republic of Kosovo. Once again confirm that the coalition, LDK, AAK, initiative, or even as a coalition of political parties separately or as individual MPs will not respond to the invitation of the minority candidate for his consultations provided for the creation of new institutions ” , said in a joint statement the three political forces signed the agreement.

Even the party of Albin Kurti has estimated that even after the decision of the Constitutional Court will not this government, “Thaci 3”. “None of the four Albanian parties represented in the Assembly of Kosovo will not join PDK, Hashim Thaci and the government to continue the old regime.

Therefore, the Constitutional Court’s decision makes clear that the President nominates a candidate for prime minister for the second time by the party or coalition which has chances to get the necessary votes in Parliament for formation of government, “reads the press release issued by LVV here. Meanwhile, political analyst, Behxhet Shala, shows a different view, calling the error of four political parties stand for not responding to the invitation of the PDK for consultations. According to him, the political leaders should sit and negotiate to find a solution that would drive the country out of this political impasse.In kundrën Shala says will not allow international political leaders due to personal conflicts and hatreds to hijack Kosovo.

Shala analyst, said that while four political leaders, Mustafa, Haradinaj, Limaj Kurti doing personal war against Thaci. “So it is showdown between these four against Thaci,” he said.
Conversely political analyst Albert Krasniqi does not exclude the possibility that Thaci’s party have for the development scenarios of consultations with MPs separately.

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