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Government Participation in Referendum


Lëvizja “Vetëvendosje” is expected to organize an internal referendum whether to enter into government with the Bloc opposition parties, LDK, AAK and INITIATIVE.

Through this referendum where voting have 15 thousand members of this movement, we will know the will of the membership to be included in the executive or not, if initially Hashim Thaci fails to secure 61 votes in the Assembly.

Dardan Molliqaj, secretary of “self-determination”, confirmed for “Voice” that at the last meeting of the General Council of LVV, discussed the organization of such a referendum.

“General Council, as the highest body is assembled before some days and in addition to topics related to the current political situation, discussed the possibility of participation in the Government LVV future created by LDK, AAK and initiative. But this decision is taken by the membership through a referendum where over 15 thousand members will have the right to vote, “said Molliqaj.

However, according to him, has not yet reached to a point such as LVV-lo and three other opposition parties are in the second phase of discussions on the criteria they have set.

“Three parties have not yet responded to the issue of dialogue with Serbia, but there is progress in bringing perceptions. As for the issue of privatization, for this we have already reached an understanding, “said Molliqaj.

It achieved what is that during the first term of the Government will invest in public companies, PTK, KEK, Trepçë, which will increase the value of companies.

“This will be done in the first term and then when to go to new parliamentary elections, he wins the election that takes power, takes decisions according to their policies regarding their privatization or not,” said Molliqaj.

Molliqaj adds that soon will reach the stage to sign the agreement, but are awaiting the response associated with the dialogue.

The once passed this stage and if passed successfully launches the next phase that is if LVV shall enter into government with these three parties, or just going to support them with numbers in Parliament.

But all this can happen, since winning PDK June 8 election, the Government fails to form in the absence of numbers in Parliament and given a second chance LDK with two other parties in the coalition AAK Initiative.
Otherwise, LVV criteria for dialogue are interrupted him leaving Belgrade and direct dialogue with northern Serbian citizens.

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