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US Unable to Get their Puppet Prime Minister in so now Brussels is Going to Choose a new Puppet

A new Prime Minister to come out of an Envelope, just like the President.

The “concerned” by the situation in the country as a result of political rivalry, and the possibility of a destabilization in Kosovo due to the situation created by the opposition bloc, Western diplomats in Brussels are preparing a script for an inclusive caretaker government, which will have clear European agenda, finish electoral reform, the start and finish amendments to the Constitution, especially in these two key points: the presidential election and the choice of government. All these priorities which are mentioned in the Memorandum of international diplomats to be achieved just after Kosovo to ensure a politically stable government in the coming period. One of the scenarios quite preferred by foreign diplomats is the formation of a coalition government, formed by all parliamentary groups in Kosovo. Under this scenario, the political parties will appoint experts in the field state positions and not necessarily with political characters. This government (technical) assumed expected to lead the country for the next two years, until March 2016. To achieve this, the political parties represented would have to sign an agreement by which they would agree that Parliament dissolved itself in March of 2016-s. Increasingly international scenario technical government will include representatives from across the political spectrum of the Parliament of Kosovo, while the elect should be responsible in their decision because they have to decide on issues national importance.

But the whole problem is the position of prime minister, who will lead the post until March 2016-s. This whole scenario prepared by internationally-brainer that will force the prime minister to name derived from “envelope”, the same as happened in the case of President Jahjaga. newspaper sources “Botapress” from Brussels suggest that factor International will host how political power will be Kosovo politicians. But if Pristina political factor is not able to make the appropriate solution for the country, it seems that once again will “get the word” international factor. Our sources indicate that it is likely that this time the “envelope” for the prime minister to bring in Pristina Samule Zhbogar, representative Catherine Ashton in Kosovo. According to these sources, our technician in the cabinet will not be neither nor Hashim Thaci, Ramush Haradinaj . (World Press) –

See more at: http://fishmedia.info/lajme/zarfi-nga-brukseli-kryeminister-as-ramushi-e-as-hashimi/#sthash.YcoPphQp.dpuf



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